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The demerits of a centralized system of government

Definition of centralization
Centralization can be defined as the type of government in which powers of government are concentrated at the centre and exercised by a central authority. One of the countries that practice a centralized system of government is France.

May give rise to tyranny
In a centralized system, there is too much concentration of power at the centre and therefore there is the tendency on the part of the ruling government to become dictatorial. If this happens, the rights of the citizens may be unduly trampled upon.

Work load is higher than in decentralized system
Another disadvantage of a centralized system of government is that there is too much work load on the central government. This is due to the fact that it does not share its functions with any other level of power in order to lighten work at the centre, so all the work is done only at the centre.

Its government is remote
The government of the centralized system of government seems to too far removed from the people. The citizens in the remote villages and hinterlands do not normally feel that they have any government since the distance between them and the officials at the centre makes them feel isolated.

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Does not allow for taking initiatives
The government officials at the local level are not allowed to vary programmes coming from the central government. Even when it is noticed that the policy would not work under certain conditions, permission must be sought from the centre before changes could be made. Such a situation does not allow those at the local level to take initiatives.

Encourages local apathy
The local people do not usually feel they are part of the government. In some cases, it is only once in a long time before a government official passes by their locality. They therefore sometimes lose interest in what goes on in government.

Difficult to identify local needs
The central government assumes certain conditions and draws programmes to take care of those situations. However, there may be pertinent local needs that may never be apparent at the central government level because they are too far away from the reality on the grounds. Once these are not recognized, they would not be addressed.

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