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The functions of the Speaker of Parliament

Status and qualifications
The Speaker of Parliament is that person who has been chosen to be in charge of the activities and proceedings of the house. The Speaker must be a citizen of the land and of sound mental disposition. He or she must pass all kinds of security check and of good character. 

The Speaker may be chosen from outside the Parliament but he could also come from the membership of the house, in which case, he or she must relinquish his seat to another person.

Issues warrants for election
One of the functions of the Speaker of parliament is that when a vacancy is created in the house because of resignation, death or otherwise of a member, he or she issues a warrant to the Electoral commission, for a bye-election to be held to fill the vacant position.

Controls Parliament
Another function of the Speaker is to preside over debates in parliament. He brings to order, errand Members of Parliament and generally controls their conduct.

Regulates the business of the house
Parliament is a highly procedural arena. It is the duty of the Speaker of Parliament to enforce all the standing orders of the house to ensure that the business of the house proceeds without any hindrance. His ruling in cases of misunderstanding is binding on all members.

Formation of committees of the house
It is also the function of the Speaker of Parliament to ensure that all the requisite committees of the house are formed. In the formation of the committees, he or she ensures that every member belongs to one committee or the other, normally based on their experiences and expertise.

Link between executive and Legislature
The Speaker of parliament serves as the link between the executive and the legislature. Every official correspondence from the house to the executive must be sanctioned by him. When a bill is to be introduced into the house by the executive, it is routed through the Speaker of Parliament.

Authorizes bills
The Speaker of the house authorizes bills that have been passed and forwards it to the President of the state for him or her to append his or her signature for to become a law.

1. a. Who is a Speaker of Parliament? [2 marks]
    b. Highlight five functions of the Speaker of Parliament. [10 marks]

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