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The advantages of a Bicameral Legislature

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A bicameral legislature refers to that system in there is another legislature quite apart from the one that representatives have been directly elected into. In a bicameral legislature, the second chamber is referred to variously as the House of Lords in Britain, the Senate in the united States of America and Nigeria.

Applicable in federal states
In a federal state, the component units may not be equal in size and population so the first chamber has some states dominating in terms of representation. The second chamber is used to balance that inequality. This is because in the second camber, all the states are equally represented irrespective of their size and population.

Prevents the hasty passage of bills
After the first chamber has passed a bill, it is taken to the second chamber to have a second look. If the second chamber finds something untoward, it sends it back to the first to correct before the bill is finally passed into law. The second chamber therefore acts in a way that helps to prevent the passage of bad laws.

Prevents the dictatorship of the legislature
The existence of a one chamber legislature, if unchecked, could become dictatorial. This is because there would not be any institution looking over its shoulder to make sure it does not do the wrong thing.
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Allows for the use expert hands
There are some very experienced politicians and administrators who would want to put their expertise at the disposal of the nation but would not be willing to go through the rigors of election. Such people are offered the opportunity to offer their experience when they are appointed to serve on the second chamber.

Buffer against executive influence
The existence of the second chamber, to a very large extent, prevents undue influence from the executive. This is because the members of the second do not find themselves there on the basis of party membership but rather based on their qualification.

Enlarges the scope of political participation
Since the second chamber allows for people with diverse backgrounds, experience and expertise to serve there, the opportunity is given to a wide range of people to take part in politics.

1. Explain six reasons why some countries adopt the bicameral type of legislature?
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