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The problems of the Civil Service

Definition of Civil Service
The Civil service is the entity that is charged with the responsibility of carrying out government policies, providing services to the public and keeping the machinery of government running.

Low salaries and wages
One of the problems of the Civil Service is the low salaries are paid to the Civil Servants. The conditions of service are not attractive so the Civil Servant is always not satisfied at work.

Low quality of personnel
Another problem of the Civil Service is the generally low quality of personnel in the service. This is so because the high caliber of personnel is not attracted to work in the Civil Service. The Civil Service has to do with what is available on the human resource market.

Political influence
The Civil Service is not free from the interference of the politicians in their activities. Most politicians want their family and friends to be absorbed into the service so they influence recruitment and appointment. They even interfere in issues of discipline in the service.

Insufficient funds
One major problem of the Civil Service is the inadequacy of funds to carry out their core mandate. In most cases, the government makes room only salaries and allowances to cater for the remuneration of the workers. For this reason, there is no money made available to carry out their duties.

Red tapeism
Work in the civil service is highly procedural so the personnel are expected to follow laid down procedures in carrying out their functions. This creates a lot of delays for those who patronize the services of the Civil Service, for example. This has led to the accusation that the Civil Service is highly bureaucratic.

Nepotism and favouritism
The Civil Service has a problem with nepotism. People are recruited into the Civil Service not because they qualify to do the job but because of their relationship with a top politician or a ‘big man’ somewhere.

1. Highlight six problems that is faced by the Civil Service. 

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