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The functions of the Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission is the creation of the 1992 constitution of Ghana charged with the responsibility of supervising the public and civil service. It is composed of a Chairman, Vice-chairman and three other full-time members. It also includes the chairman of the National Council on Tertiary Education, and three others with deep knowledge about public service.

Appointment into the Civil and public Service
One of the functions of the Public Service Commission is to recruit and appoint qualified personnel into the Public and Civil Service. First there is an examination to trim down the number of people who apply for recruitment. Then there is an interview or series of interviews to select the right person(s). After this, there is an appointment.

Formulation of policies
Another function of the Public Service Commission is to formulate Public Service policies on recruitment, selection and appointments.

Another function of the Public Service Commission is in the area of discipline. The Commission has provided guidelines to ensure discipline in the service. For example, an offense in the service elicits a query letter which must be answered by the officer concerned. The officer may be called for a further hearing or receive a disciplinary action which may include dismissals.

It also formulates policies on promotions. The commission has formulated guidelines based on which promotions are made. The guidelines determine who gets promoted at what time based on academic qualification or years of experience.

Advisory role
The Public Service Commission offers advice to the ruling government on matters pertaining to the Public and Civil Services.

1. a. Describe the composition of the Public Service Commission. [3 marks]
    b. Highlight four functions of the Public Service Commission. [12 marks]

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