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How to prevent irresponsible adolescent behaviour

Do not Over-protect adolescent children
One of the ways to prevent irresponsible adolescent is the way some parents over-protect their children. Parents must leave their children to learn some lessons of their own while they continue to guide them. Parents must allow their adolescent children to have some freewill to act on their own while the parents still guide and direct them.

Good Parental control and care
Another method by which parents can prevent their adolescent children from becoming irresponsible is to create an atmosphere that is conducive for their children to stay in. The parents must avoid authoritarian in their approach to parenthood in the house.

Provision of basic needs
Again, parents must ensure the provision of the basic needs of their children. This is especially so for adolescent children. When this is done, it is able to prevent or at least, control the way the adolescents try other means of getting those basic needs for themselves.

Moral education
Also the parents must ensure that they instill in their children a very good moral education. They must instill in the adolescent child the type of moral discipline that they will make sure they behave properly. Such good moral education helps to develop good moral habits in the adolescents. This way, they become law abiding and respect authority.

Adolescent information
Another way of preventing irresponsible adolescent bahaviour is to give vital information to the adolescent children both at home and in school. Information of that nature is able to equip the children and helps them to recognize the dangers associated with irresponsible behaviour.  Knowing the consequences of their irresponsible behavior also helps them to avoid them.

Guidance and counseling
Guidance and counseling is very important for adolescent children. This must be given by both parents and if possible by professional counselors. Once the adolescent children receive such counseling, it prevents adolescents from becoming irresponsible in their behaviour. Guidance and counseling channels adolescent children away from acts like teenage sex, drug abuse, armed robbery, prostitution, drunkenness etc.  

1. In which six ways can irresponsible adolescent behavior be prevented?

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