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The effects of irresponsible adolescent behaviour

Premarital sex
One of the effects of irresponsible adolescent behaviours is that it leads the adolescent to premarital sex, with its attendant consequences such as teenage pregnancy, teenage mother-hood and father-hood, single parenthood, illegal abortion. Some of the teenagers may also contract sexually transmitted diseases that can endanger their lives.

Another negative effect of irresponsible adolescent behavior is that it can lead to alcoholism. This can have dire health consequences for the adolescent. They made end up with health conditions such as stomach ulcers, malnutrition, heart diseases and amnesia.  

Drug abuse
Some of the adolescent engage in the use of banned substance such as Indian hemp and many others. Some of them abuse substances like Indian Hemp etc. This leads to adolescents becoming social misfits.

Adolescent irresponsible life may lead to prostitution for both the boy and the girl. Trying to make a living through commercial sex may lead to unwanted pregnancy, illegal abortion, death for the girls.

Armed robbery
Another effect of irresponsible adolescent behavior is that some of the adolescent turn to armed robbery. Living one’s life on the proceeds of armed robbery can lead to arrests and a disgrace to the family of the culprit. Some even lose their lives when they confront the police. 

1. Highlight five effects irresponsible adolescent behaviour 

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