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How the executive is controlled

Constitutional controls
One of the ways in which the Executive of a country is controlled is the constitution of the land. The powers of the Executive is explicitly stated in the constitution and therefore any Executive that acts outside the powers conferred on it is in breach of the constitution.

Vetting and approval of Executive nominees
Another control on the powers of the Executive is that it must receive approval for all international transactions and treaties before it can become effective. All nominees of the Executive must be vetted by the parliament and approved by same before a final appointment can be made.

Power of impeachment
If the Executive conducts itself in a manner that brings the name of the office into disrepute, he or she could be hauled before the Legislature and compelled to go through impeachment proceedings. If it is proven that an act detrimental to the office has been committed, the Executive would be impeached.

Judicial control
Another control of the Executive is exercised by the Judiciary. The judiciary has the power to declare null and void any action of the Executive which violates the constitution of the land or give an interpretation of the constitution that can limit the powers of the Executive.

The Media
A truly independent media can keep the Executive on its toes constantly. If, for example, the Executive introduces a policy that the people think is inimical to their well being, the media can champion a crusade for the said policy to abolished or altered.

Periodic elections
In every democratic dispensation, there is bound to be elections every four or five years. This means the citizens can vote the Executive out of power if they think their policies do not inure to their benefit. The Executive, knowing they could lose political power ensures that they satisfy the needs of the electorates. The fear of losing power serves as a limitation on the Executive.

1. In which six ways can the functions of the Executive be controlled? [12 marks]

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