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The factors that prevent the development of one's capabilities

As the individual tries to shape his/her personality, there are certain factors that may prevent him from achieving that aim. 

Inferiority complex
Another factor that prevents people from developing their capabilities is inferiority complex. Some individuals think they are not as good as others. They think that they have failed from the very onset so they do not make any effort or strive to do anything. A person who feels this way, loses his or her self-worth and therefore is unable to push forward.
Lack of initiative
Another factor that hinders the ability to develop one's capability is the lack of the ability to take initiatives. If an individual cannot take bold decisions and initiatives there would be a lack of self-confidence. Once there is no confidence, that person would always give up when he or she faces the slightest difficulty.

Lack of education and training
Another factor that can prevent a person from developing his or her goals is the absent of education and training. Education and development are very crucial in the development of a person's capability, so when that critical element is missing, is is difficult for that hidden capability to be developed.

Lack of practice
It is said that practice makes perfect, therefore if a person fails to practice, it is not possible for him to achieve his goals. To put it in another way, when a person refuses to practice or does not have the chance to practice, he may not have the opportunity to discover the qualities in him/her.

Absence of encouragement
When an individual receives positive reinforcement from people around them, they feel encouraged. It does not matter what the individual is doing. Where the encouragement is absent, it may lead to loss of self-confidence. 

Absence of guidance and counseling
Some guidance is needed for individuals to develop. Where this is missing, the individual may be ignorant of his/her self-worth. A situation like this may encourage the individual to engage in non-profitable activities. Consequently, the individual may develop negative self-worth.

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