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Taking a good care of a country's currency notes

To ensure acceptability
Currencies are accepted throughout the world for transactions of every. It is important to take proper care of national currencies would ensure that people are not compelled to reject defaced notes in exchange for services. Incidences of drivers’ mates and passengers quarreling over defaced notes being given in change or payment will certainly be avoided.

Symbol of dignity
If for nothing at all, the national currency is a symbol of a nation’s sovereignty. Until Ghana became independent, she was using the British pound as a means of exchange. like the flag and the coat of arms, Ghana’s bank notes must be handled with pride and dignity.

Obedience to the constitution
As good citizens, Ghanaians must be law abiding. The constitution specifically says that national symbols must be honoured. These national symbols include the currency, the bank notes. A proper handling of national currencies is obedience to the supreme law of the land.

It saves hard earned national income
Printing of currency is a very costly venture. When the bank notes are worn out they need to be replaced. Replacing the currencies costs money. Proper handling of the currency saves the state the huge cost needed in printing new notes to replace defaced ones.

A boost to sustainable development
The concept of sustainable development is the use of the resources in such a way that the same resources can meet the needs of the society today as and that of future generations. If citizens handle their currencies properly, the currencies will remain in circulation for several years (without reprinting) and thereby helping to meet the needs of future generations.

Helps to convey messages on the notes
Proper handling of our currency ensures that the message(s) it is meant to convey remains intact. For example, our national currency has the national motto “Freedom and Justice” inscribed on it. This is a means of educating our people on the ideals that our nation stands for. If we handle our currency in the proper ways, this message is always intact for all to see and reflect upon.

It makes others respect us as a country
Proper handling of Ghana’s currency projects a positive image of its people. It shows the outside world that they are decent people. If the currencies are treated anyhow, it sends a negative message to the outside world.

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