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The reasons for female genital mutilation

Female genital mutilation refers to the process of cutting or removing some parts of the clitoral regions of the girl child's reproductive organ. However, a little hole is left through which the girl can urinate. The practice is prevalent in the northern parts of Ghana, among the Kasena, Dagarti, Builsa, and Mossi.

Delaying the onset of sexual activity
One of the reasons why people engage in female genital mutilation is that they want to make the girls less sexually active until she is married. It is hoped that the girl would remain a virgin till the consummation of her marriage.

Reduce high sexual desires
Another reason why female genital mutilation is practiced is that they believe it would drastically reduce the sexual desires of the girl when she grows into a woman. This way, she is more likely to remain chaste in marriage.

Promotion of good moral behaviour
Female genital mutilation is also promoted in the belief that it would promote good moral behaviour. Once the sexual desire is toned down, they believe it would lead to a reduction in promiscuous behaviour on the part of the girls, thereby raising the moral fibre of the society. 

A pre-condition for marriage
In many societies in Ghana where this female genital mutilation is practiced, a girl is not allowed to be given out in marriage when she has not yet undergone the incision. Female genital mutilation is, therefore, a condition for marriage.

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