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The encounter between Amos and Amaziah

As Prophet Amos prophesied to the people of Israel, Amaziah, the Priest of Bethel felt very uncomfortable. 

As a result, he sent messages to Jeroboam, the king of Israel, indicating that Amos had conspired against him. According to Amaziah, the land was unable to contain the words that Amos had spoken to the people. For instance, Amaziah accused Amos of saying that Jeroboam was going to die by the sword and that Israel was going to be taken into exile, away from their land.

Amaziah edged Amos to leave Israel and go to the land of Judah and prophesied there and also earn his living there. His reason was that, Israel was the king’s sanctuary and a temple of the kingdom.

Amos replied that he was not a prophet. Neither was he a prophet’s son. He was just a shepherd and a dresser of sycamore trees. He said, God called him away from following the flock and to prophesy to the people of Israel. 

For opposing prophecies against Israel and for saying that there should be no preaching against the house of Isaac, Amos made some pronouncements against him. He said the wife of Amaziah was going to become a harlot in the city. His sons and daughters shall die by the sword. Israel shall be divided into pieces using lines. Amos said Amaziah was going to die in an unclean land. Finally, he reiterated that Israel was going to go into exile.

Earning a living through prophesying
When Amaziah told Amos to go Judah and prophesy there and eat bread there, he may have taken Amos as one the band of prophets who earn their living through prophesying.

Amos called by God
Amos’ reply to Amaziah indicated that he was not part of the band of prophets who prophesy to earn their livelihood but was called by God to carry out a special assignment.

Yahweh’s sovereignty
Though Amos was from the Southern Kingdom of Judah, he went to the Northern Kingdom of Israel to prophesy there. This showed that there were no political boundaries to God’s authority.

1. a. “I am no Prophet nor a prophet’s son, but I am a herdsman and a dresser of sycamore tree…” Give an account of the events which led to this statement.
    b. What else did the speaker say on this occasion?

2. a. Describe the circumstances that brought Amos face to face with Amaziah, the Priest of Bethel.
    b. Give three reasons why those who oppose God should be condemned.

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