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Why Ghana co-operates with other nations

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Just international economic order
The world economic order as it is today is tilted against the developing nations. Through Ghana’s cooperation with other nations, Ghana can contribute to the establishment of a just world economic order.

Respect for International Law
Through her cooperation with other nations, Ghana helps to ensure that there is respect for international law. She also promotes the peaceful settlement of international disputes. An example of the peaceful settlement of international disputes is the recent misunderstanding between Cote D’voire and Ghana over the allegation that Ghana is drilling crude oil in Ivorian waters. This misunderstanding has been referred to the International Court of Justice for arbitration thereby avoiding any armed conflict.

This seemingly simple dispute could plunge West Africa into a conflict that would have retarded the progress of the two nations but this has been avoided through the respect for international law.

Bigger Markets
Ghana cooperates with other nations so that it can enter into other major markets of the world to sell her products. Some of the European markets are so restricted that one has to pass through very stringent procedures to be able to export to such markets. These procedures may be shortened to favour developed countries such as Ghana if she cooperates with other nations. An example is the Economic Partnership which has been signed between Africa and Europe.

Good prices her exports
Most of Ghana's main exports are primary raw products like cocoa, coffee, manganese, etc. Though she produces these products, she does not have the power to determine their international prices. By cooperating with other nations Ghana can get the leverage it so badly needs to negotiate better prices for her exports.

Transfer of Technology
The acquisition of foreign technology and capital are very crucial for Ghana’s development. this is so because the successful economies all over the world have been driven by science and technology. By cooperating with other nations, especially the developed ones, Ghana could get all the technical assistance that she needs to develop as a nation.

Promote African Unity
One of Ghana's aims for engaging other nations in the world is to contribute to the achievement of cooperation among the nations of the world and especially for the achievement of Unity among African nations. This had been the dream of Ghana's first president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, that the independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked up with the independence of all African states.

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