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The arrest of peter and John after the healing of the lame man at the gate called Beautiful

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While Peter was speaking to the people after the healing of the lame man at the Beautiful Gate, the Priests, the Sadducees and the Captain of the temple were worried that they preached to the people about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

They arrested Peter and John and sent them into custody because it was evening. However, the people they preached accepted the word and five thousand were added to the church that day.

The next day, the rulers, the elders and the scribes, Annas the High Priest, Caiaphas, John, and Alexander and members of the High Priest’s family gathered at Jerusalem. Peter and John were brought before them and they asked them by whose authority they healed the lame man.

Peter answered them that it was by the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the one they killed, that the man was healed. Peter said that was the stone the builders had rejected but has now become the head of the corner.

The elders saw that Peter was very bold in the delivery of his defense and concluded that they were with Jesus. The Council members could see the healed man before them so they could not say anything. They asked Peter and John to go out and discussed among themselves. They agreed that a miracle was done, especially when the man healed was there for all of them to see in the whole of Jerusalem. They decided that to prevent any further spreading of the story of Jesus, they must be warned not to preach in the name of Jesus anymore.

After they had had their discussions, they called them back and warned them sternly not to preach Christ anymore. Peter and John told them they could not obey their warning. After they threatened them for a while, they released them to go.

When they left the Council, they went back to their people and narrated how it all happened to them. The people lifted up their hands and praised God for what had happened.

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1. In some countries, Christians are not allowed to preach publicly.
2. In some countries too church buildings are not allowed to be sited everywhere.
3. Some Christians experience persecution which sometimes leads to the destruction of lives and properties.
4. In some countries, Christians suffer discrimination in employment opportunities and promotions in the public service.
5. Christians are also discriminated against in marriages and funeral ceremonies.

1. Their right to belong to any religious persuasion.
2. Their right to freedom of movement.

1. Legal Rights.
2. Religious Rights.
3. Fundamental Human Rights.

1. a. Narrate the account of how Peter and James were arrested after the miracle of the healing of the cripple at the Beautiful Gate.
   b. Which two rights of Peter and John were violated?
2. a. Give a detailed description of the first arrest of the disciples.
    b. Identify two categories of rights that were trampled upon in the account.

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