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The definition and features of fascism

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It is a totalitarian system of government under the leadership of a dictator and emphasizes an aggressive nationalism. It is always racist. It is a system associated with the Italian leader called Benito Mussolini. It flourished between 1919 and 1943.

This means that it is a political order that has no respect for individual liberties and leaves no room for political opposition. Citizens are in no position to criticize the government. It champions state centralization.

Coercion and Terror
Under a fascist regime, the state makes use of terror and coercion to keep citizens in line and to eliminate people who were perceived to be opposed to the government.

Concentration Camps
Fascist regimes often set up concentration camps where dissidents and opponents of the regime are kept and tortured. Such concentration camps have maximum security so it is almost impossible to escape.

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One party state
Fascist states operate a one-party system of government. Only one party is allowed to operate in the country and membership is compulsory.

Political Propaganda
Fascism is propagandist in character. It uses mass media heavily to whip the citizens into supporting the agenda of the ruling government.

Absolute control by Government.
A fascist government believes that the state must be in control of everything.

1. a. Define the term Fascism.
    b. Highlight five features of a Fascist system of government.
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