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The advantages and disadvantages of Fascism

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Material Development
Fascism created economic or material wealth for the nation where it was practiced. For example, in Italy, where fascism was practiced between 1919 and 1943, it led to the material prosperity of the country. In Adolf Hitler's Germany, the policies that were introduced led to an improvement in infrastructure and industrial production was expanded.

Quick decision making

One of the major advantages of a fascist state are the ability of its leaders to enact laws much more quickly than in other systems of government. This helps to avoid delays that are associated with other systems of government except during moment when a state of emergencies is declared.
National Pride
Fascism led to a feeling of national pride wherever it was practiced. The Italians were proud to belong to the nation Italy so one can conclude that fascism it encouraged national pride. Also in Germany, it was felt that the system restored national pride.

Reduction in crime
It is argued by some that fascism cuts down on crime. This is premised on the fact that fascist regimes use excessive force, they are brutal and able to imprison people much faster so it helps to push down crime to the minimum. It is believed that fascism in Italy was able to suppress the Sicilian Mafia quite successfully. 

The efficient concentration of wealth
It is again argued in some quarters that the fascists are able to concentrate wealth and power in the most efficient way possible. It allows corporate power and government power to be linked in a way that is beneficial to the companies that operate within the system.

Exceptional for producing armed forces
It is again argued that fascism is an exceptional form of government for producing armed forces. The holding direct action, violence, and strength as core values in the army. To reduce individual human rights and opinions has the power to create a very efficient and exceptionally disciplined and aggressive army.

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Suppression of Liberties
It has been argued that fascism does not have any respect for individual rights. The operators of the system trample upon the rights of the citizens with reckless abandon.

Unacceptable Ideology
Fascism as a political ideology was not popular among most countries so its adoption was minimal. One can, therefore, conclude that it was not an acceptable form of government among the comity of nations.

Disregard for International Law
Fascism did not conform to standards acceptable in international circles. As a consequence of its disregard for international law and norms, it failed or refused to cooperate with the international community.

Fascism did not stand the test of time
Unlike democracy, socialism, and capitalism, which existed for a long time, fascism did not last for long. It was short-lived. In fact, fascism ended with the Second World War.

Disrespect for human life
A fascism regime loves to engage in war. The fascist government fought many battles. The Mussolini government fought many wars, so did Adolf Hitler's government. In practice, no war is fought without the loss of human life so one can conclude that the fascist had no regard for human life.

1. a. What is fascism?
    b. Highlight five features of fascism.
2. Explain six characteristics of fascism.

3. a. Define the term fascism.
    b. Explain two advantages and three disadvantages of fascism.
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