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The achievements of King Solomon

Solomon proved his wisdom in the case of the two harlots who were claiming the same live baby. Solomon used a threat to the life of the living baby to determine the rightful mother. Biblical records reveal that when Israel heard of the king's judgment; they marveled at his wisdom. Solomon's wisdom was internationally acclaimed; people came from far and near to pay homage to him. The Queen of Sheba also visited and acknowledged that Solomon was really wise.

Solomon engaged in elaborate building projects and this made Jerusalem a tourist attraction in the then World. He also built a temple for the Lord and this took him seven years. Then he built a palace complex and this took thirteen years to complete.

Solomon strengthened the defense system of the kingdom by establishing a strong standing army. He built fortified and chariot cities in Jerusalem, Hazor, Megiddo, Gezer, and Tamar in order to forestall any aggression that might come from those areas.

He established diplomatic relations with surrounding nations. This was to ensure the maintenance of peace. For example, Solomon renewed David's treaty with King Hiram of Tyre. He also established diplomatic relationship with Egypt, Edom, and Ammon. To seal these relationships, Solomon married women from these countries. When he married a princess from Egypt, the city of Gezer was given to him as a dowry.

Solomon established a trading relationship, with Hiram of Tyre. Solomon and Hiram organized trading activities on the Red Sea and The Indian Ocean. Solomon established a ship-building industry at Ezion-geber. The ship-builders came from Phoenicia. He established copper mines at Ghor, around the Dead Sea and copper refinery at Ezion-Geber. He used the copper domestically and exported the surplus. He also traded in horses and established a lucrative commercial trade with the Arabians and the Queen of Sheba. All these commercial activities brought great wealth into Israel.

In the field of culture, Solomon wrote many great poems, proverbs, and fables. He wrote three thousand proverbs and a thousand and five songs.

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