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Solomon's humble request for wisdom and understanding from God

Solomon went to Gibeon to sacrifice to the Lord as he was used to doing. Usually, Solomon slaughtered one thousand animals to God and on this occasion too, he did so. He made the sacrifices at Gibeon because it was the highest place of sacrifice at the time.

Then in the night, God appeared to Solomon in a dream and told Solomon to request anything and it shall be granted. Solomon asked for wisdom and an understanding mind to be able to lead the great people of Israel.

God was pleased with the category of request Solomon made. God was happy that Solomon did not ask for riches and any other earthly thing but rather wisdom to guide his people. Therefore, God gave Solomon wisdom that surpassed the wisdom of any other person on earth or yet to be born.

Then two prostitutes who lived together had a child each at about the same time. One night, one slept on her child and the child died. She quickly changed the child with that of her neighbour. The neighbour woke up and realized what had been done the matter was reported to King Solomon. Each of the prostitutes was claiming that the living child was hers and the dead child belonged to the other party.

Solomon instructed that the dean child be cut into two and the living child too so that each woman could be given one half of the dead baby and the other half of the living baby. The woman whose child had died agreed but the woman whose child was the living child refused. Instead, she said the living child be given to the other woman. As per what this woman had said, Solomon was able to who was the real owner of the living baby. He ordered the living child to be given to the appropriate mother.

This judgment was recounted everywhere in the world and Solomon became known throughout the whole world. This judgment was regarded as an expression of the wisdom that God had bestowed on Solomon.

1. The request Solomon made to God was appropriate because, with the wisdom, there is no problem of governance that could not be solved by Solomon.
2. Solomon knew that he was not David’s first son and there were contenders to the throne. With wisdom, he would be able to deal with any claims to the throne from his elder siblings.
3. As a child, Solomon was inexperienced in the art of governance so he needed God’s gift of wisdom to handle the nation. It is said that Solomon was only about twelve to fourteen years at the time he was made the king.
4. Solomon was not a constitutional monarch to be guided by a constitution. He was an absolute king who reigned and ruled. One important duty of a king was to administer justice. He required wisdom to able to be just to all.

1. a. Write short notes on Solomon's request for wisdom.
    b. Give three ways Solomon's requested was tested by God.

2. a. Describe Solomon's dream at Gibeon.
    b. For what two reasons would you approve of Solomon's request on this occasion?

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