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Solomon's wisdom that surpassed the wisdom of the world

After the death of David, he was succeeded by Solomon. Initially, Solomon walked in the footpaths of his father.

One day, Solomon went to Gibeon to sacrifice to the Lord and the Lord appeared to him there in a dream. The Lord asked Solomon to request for anything from Him and it shall be granted. Solomon asked for an understanding mind and a hearing heart to be able to discern evil from good so that he could lead the great people of Israel.

God was so pleased with Solomon’s request that, apart from giving him what he requested for, God added honour and riches beyond compare. God also gave him a long life if he remained loyal like his father did. When Solomon woke up, it was a dream.

The wisdom God gave to Solomon was exhibited in the famous case he judged between two prostitutes who were fighting over a child.

The two women had children at the same time and were living together. One slept on her child and the child died. She changed the child with the living child of her neighbour.  

The two were now quarreling over the living Child. When the matter was brought to Solomon, he asked that the living child be divided into two and each half was given to each woman.

One of the women protested and said the child be given to the other women but the other women insisted that the child be killed so that the two would lose the child. Solomon was able to discern from their behavior who was the real owner of the child and he ordered that the child be given unto her.

When the people of Israel heard this judgment, they were amazed because they realized it was God that had given the wisdom to Solomon.

The wisdom from God to Solomon was exceptional. He was full of wisdom and understanding surpassing the sand of the shore. He was wiser than all the men of his time and his fame traveled beyond his country. He composed three thousand poems and wrote one thousand and five songs. He wrote about trees, about animals, fish, and reptiles. People came from far and near to hear his wisdom even kings and queens did the same.

Temple Of Solomon, São Paulo
1. There were two harlots who lived together. They both had a son each. One day, one of them slept on her child and the child died but she quickly exchanged her dead child with her friend’s living child. Solomon was asked to determine who the real mother was.
2. Solomon ordered that the living child be divided into two and divided between the two women. The real mother refused that the child should be divided.
3. The other woman accepted that the child should be divided.
4. Then Solomon ruled that the living child be given to the first woman.
5. When the whole of Israel heard Solomon’s judgment, they perceived that the wisdom of God was with him.

1. Solomon’s request of wisdom from God was very appropriate because with that there was no problem in his government that he could not overcome.

2. Solomon was not David’s eldest son and he knew it. He needed the wisdom to be able to handle any succession disputes that might arise.
3. Solomon was only 12 to 14 years old at the time he was made a king. He was inexperienced. He needed God’s gift of wisdom to sustain him and to help him navigate the intricacies of ruling a nation.
4. Solomon required wisdom to function as an effective king. As an absolute king, his main function was to administer justice. He needed the wisdom to do his work well. Since absolute kings of his days had the tendency to be autocratic, Solomon needed the wisdom to avoid dictatorship.

Temple, Solomon, The Universal Church

1. a. Discuss the source of Solomon wisdom and how he misused it.
    b. Mention any four lessons we can learn from this misuse?

2. a. Describe Solomon’s dream at Gibeon.
    b. For what two reasons would you approve of Solomon’s request on this occasion?

3. a. Write notes on Solomon’s request for wisdom.
    b. How was Solomon’s wisdom tested and proven?

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