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The death of David's son born to him by Bathsheba Urriah's wife

Nathan had finished rebuking David for sleeping with Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife. God was displeased with David’s conduct. Nathan prophesied that the child born to David through his sin with Bathsheba would surely die. As soon as Nathan left David’s house, the child was struck with sickness.

David fasted and prayed to God that the child might be saved. He laid on the floor all night. The older servants of the house tried to cheer him up but he refused to wake up. He did not eat either. He was inconsolable.

After seven days, the child died. The servants did not know how to tell David because they perceived that if they told him, he might hurt himself seeing that even while the child was alive nobody could console him.

David noticed that his servants were whispering among themselves so he perceived that the child was dead. He asked whether the child was dead and they said "yes". David stood up from the floor. He took his bath and anointed himself. He put on a new dress. He now went into the house of the Lord and worshiped. After that, he went home and when he asked for food, it was placed before him and he ate.

His servants could not understand David. They told him that while the child was sick he fasted and prayed but now that the child was dead, he had risen up and eaten food. David replied that while the child was alive, he thought he could pray to the Lord so that the Lord might save his life but now that the child is dead, there is no need to fast and pray again. Now that the child is dead, he could not bring him back to life. According to David, he could go to the baby one day but the baby could come to where he was.

David consoled Bathsheba for the lost of the child. He slept with her again and she bore a child whom he called Solomon and the Lord loved this child. God sent Nathan to David, and the boy was specially named Jedidiah because the Lord loved the child.

1. God reserves the right to give and to take anything from us when he wills.
2. All human beings should submit themselves to the will of God.
3. In whatever situation we find ourselves, we should be grateful or thankful to God and give him praise.
4. God punishes sinners.
5. David’s greed earned God’s condemnation.
6. When we sin, the consequences include the death of our children.
7. We must not mourn the dead as those who do not have faith.
8. Human action, good or bad, attracts God consequences.
9. We need to repent from our sins.

1. a. Describe David’s reaction to the death of the child born to him by Bathsheba?
    b. What two lessons can be learned from this reaction?
2. a. What circumstances led to the death of the son born to him by Bathsheba and how did David react to that death?
    b. That three lessons can be learned for the episode?
3. a. Narrate the story of the death of the first child born to David by Uriah’s wife?
    b. State any three lessons to be learned from the episode.

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