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James' teachings on faith and works

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Faith can be described as a strong belief in something which may be unseen. Works, on the other hand, is the practical demonstration of the ideals one believes in. James spoke on these two themes in his book. 

James taught that when Christians go through temptations and difficulties, they should not be worried because these temptations and difficulties are supposed to improve upon and perfect their Christianity.

James advised that if anybody notices that he/she does not have wisdom, that person should ask God and that God would give that person wisdom in abundance without holding back. However, in asking, James advised that they should ask with faith because anybody who asks without faith would receive nothing from God. James considered anybody who asks without faith as being double-minded and unstable in all his ways.

He spoke about the attitude of the lowly placed to become boastful when lifted up and the rich also in his humiliation. He warned that, like the flower, they will both pass away.

According to James, the rich would fade away in the midst of his pursuits like the way the Sun scorches the grass and the flower to make it wither away.

James says, a man cannot say he has faith but lack works because faith alone cannot help him. For example, if a man is feeling cold and you tell him to be warm, without doing anything about his condition, you have not done anything. In other words, they should provide the needs of those in need.

He sighted Abraham as an example, who offered his son Isaac to be sacrificed to God as proof of his works even though he had faith. Abraham believed God and it was counted for him as righteousness. So a man is justified not only by his faith but also by his works.

He also sighted Rahab who received the spies from Israel and saved them by sending the Canaanite soldiers the wrong way, allowing the spies to go back safe.

He ended by saying that, just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.

1. By providing the needs of those who are unable to do so.
2. Obeying the instructions of God.
3. Being each others’ keeper even if it is costly.
4. Removing doubt from their heart and mind.
5. Not leaning upon one’s own understanding but on God’s commandments.
6. Donating toward the development of the church.

1. Faith in God is a primary requirement but one must also work.
2, Christians have a role to play in the realization of destiny.
3. God blesses peoples’ work of faith, not faith alone.
4. In order to express faith and belief I God, one must do whatever He says.
5. Faith, without action, leads to failure.

1. How did James prove that faith without works is dead?
2. a. Highlight James’ teaching on faith and works.
    b. What two things can be learned from this teaching?
3. a. Examine James’ teaching on faith and works.
    b. Mention any lessons that can be learned by Christians in this teaching.

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