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The functions of the Permanent Representative council of the African Union

The Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC) of the African Union is established by Article 21 of the Constitutive Act.

The Permanent Representative Committee is composed of Permanent Representatives accredited to the Union and other duly accredited plenipotentiaries of Member States.
The sessions of the Permanent Representative Council are chaired by the Permanent Representative whose country is the Chairperson of the Executive Council. He/she is assisted by three Vice-Chairpersons and a Rapporteur elected on the basis of Agreed geographical distribution.

To form a quorum, two-thirds of the Member States who are eligible to vote must be present at the session of the Permanent Representative Council. And the sessions are to be held at the Headquarters of the Union at least once a month.

Advisory Body
The Permanent Representative Council of the African Union acts as an advisory body to the Executive Council.

Rules of Procedure
The Council is tasked with the duty of preparing its Rules of Procedure and submitting them to the Executive Council.

Prepare meetings
The Council prepares the meetings of the Executive Council. They prepare the agenda and draft decisions.

The Council makes recommendations on areas of common interest to Member States, particularly on issues on the agenda of the Executive Council.

Another function of the Council is to facilitate communication between the Commission and the capitals of Member States.

Union Budget
The Council considers the Programmes and Budget of the Union. It also considers administrative, budgetary and financial matters of the Commission and makes recommendations to the Executive Council.

Financial Report
It is the function of the Council to consider the Financial Report of the Commission and make recommendations to the Executive Council.

External Auditors Report
The Council considers the Report of the Board of External Auditors and submits written comments to the Executive Council.

The Permanent Representative Council of the African union monitors the implementation of the budget of the Union.

Bureaus of Organs
The Council’s duty is to propose the composition of the Bureaus of the organs of the Union, ad-hoc committees, and sub-committees.

Projects of the Union
The Council considers matters relating to the programmes and projects of the Union, particularly issues relating to the socio-economic development and integration of the Continent. It then makes recommendations to the Executive Council.

Policy Implementation
The Council monitors the implementation of the policies, decisions and agreements adopted by the Executive Council.

Other Functions
(1)        To participate in the preparation of the Programme of Activities of the Union.
(2)        To participate in the preparation of the calendar of meetings of the Union;
(3)        To consider any matter assigned to it by the Executive Council;
(4)        To carry out any other functions that may be assigned to it by the Executive Council.

1. a. What is the Permanent Representative Council of the African Union?
    b. Highlight five functions of the Council.
2. What six functions does the Permanent Representative Council perform?
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