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The functions of the African Court of Justice of the African Union

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The African Court of Justice was established by Article 18 of the Constitutive Act of the African Union. It is composed of 11 judges all elected as individuals from different Member States of the African Union. The judges are expected to be of very high moral standard. The judges are elected for the first period of six years. They could be re-elected for another six years but only once.

Advisory Opinions
One of the functions of the African Court of Justice is to offer legal advice to member states of the Union or an organ of the Union. It could also offer the same advice to any organization that is recognized by the African Union. The caveat is that they could not do so unless there is a request from the party seeking legal assistance.

Amicable settlement of disputes
Another function of the Court of Justice is to ensure that disputes are settled peacefully when cases are brought before it. 

Human Rights Violations
Also, when the rights of citizens of member states are violated and it is brought to the attention of the Court, the court's function is to make sure that the situation is corrected. The Court may provide that compensation is paid to the victim.

Submit an Annual Report
Another function of the African Court of Justice is to submit an annual report about their activities in the year before. This must be done time the African Union Assembly is in session. 

Appointment of a Registrar
The African Court of Justice appoints a Registrar on its own. It also appoints other staff members of the Court. The Court is obliged to ensure that appointments cut across member nations.

It is the function of the Court to conduct an inquiry into a case submitted to it by disputing member states. This they did to ascertain the truth or otherwise in the matter before it. 

1. a. Describe the composition of the African Court of Justice.
    b. Highlight five of the functions of the African Court of Justice.
2. Highlight six functions of the African Court of Justice.

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