Test One
1.         During the trial of Jesus, the Jews preferred that Pilate should release
a.         Bar-Jesus
b.         Barsabas
c.         Bartholomew
d.         Barabbas

2.         Which of the following false charges were leveled against Jesus before Caiaphas the high priest? He
a.         Claimed to be Christ, the son of God
b.         Forbade the people from paying tax to Caesar
c.         Forbade the authorities from exchanging money in the temple
d.         Claiming to be the king of Jews.

3.         According to St. Luke, which of the following did not feature in the trial of Jesus before Pilate and Herod?
a.         Pilate did not find Jesus guilty as charged
b.         Jesus asserted that He was Christ, the son of God
c.         Pilate asked Jesus whether He was the king of the Jews
d.         Herod treated Jesus with contempt.

4.         Pilate and Herod suddenly became friends because.
a.         Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate
b.         Jesus performed miracle for Herod
c.         Pilate referred Jesus to Herod who had wanted to see him
d.         Jesus belonged to Herod’s Jurisdiction

5.         Which of the following did Pilate ask Jesus during the trial?
a.         “What is it that these men testify against you”?
b.         “Are you Jesus, the prophet from Galilee”?
c.         “I adjure you by God; tell me if you are the Christ”
d.         “Are you the King of the Jews”?

6.         The trial of Jesus was transferred from the High Priest’s court to Pilate because
a.         Jesus lodged an appeal to the high court.
b.         The High Priest has no power to impose death penalty on Jesus
c.         It gave the high Priest the opportunity to reconcile with the governor
d.         The governor sent troops to stop the trial as a riot was threatening.

7.         At the final trial of Jesus before Pilate, the notorious robber who was released instead of Jesus was
a.         Barnabas
b.         Barsabas
c.         Barabbas
d.         Bartholomew

8.         The final trial of Jesus was presided over by
a.         Pilate
b.         Herod
c.         Caiaphas
d.         The high priest

9.         Herod was happy to receive Jesus for trial because
a . Herod planned to release Jesus
b.         Pilate and Herod were friends
c.         He expected to see a sign
d.         Pilate had communicated with Herod

10.       What allegation was raised against Jesus during His trial before Pilate?
a.         Changing the laws of Moses
b.         Claiming to be the son of God
c.         Being a friend of tax collectors.
d.         Forbidden people to pay tribute to Caesar

Test Two
1.         The trial of Jesus on the eve of the Passover was irregular because
a.         Jesus was not a criminal
b.         The law did not allow such trials
c.         It was not thorough
d.         The leader worked under cover of darkness

2.         When the Roman soldiers put a crown of thorns on Jesus heads, they were
a.         Using it as mockery for a royal diadem
b.         Proclaiming him king
c.         Suggesting that Jesus deserved royal status
d.         Echoing his royal status

3.         Pontius Pilate Presided over Jesus’ trial in order to
a.         Investigate the Jewish charge of treason
b.         Save him from the Jewish charge of blasphemy
c.         Punish him for his Messianic claims
d.         Find out if he was the king of the Jews

4.         Jesus allowed himself to be arrested and taken away for trial in order to
a.         Show that he was law abiding
b.         Plead for his righteousness
c.         Fulfill the scriptures
d.         Prove his disciples faithfulness

5.         At the trial of Jesus, Caiaphas tore his garment to show that
a.         He was unhappy with Jesus answer
b.         Jesus must die on the cross
c.         A blasphemy had been committed
d.         He was not happy with the witness

6.         Before Pilate, Jesus was accused of having claimed to be all the following except
a.         Son of God
b.         Messiah
c.         King of the Jews
d.         Servant of God

7.         Pilate was appointed the prosecutor of
a.         Galilee
b.         Judea
c.         Jerusalem
d.         Decapolis

8.         When the High Priest asked if he was the Messiah, Jesus spoke about the
a.         Son of man coming in his kingdom
b.         Suffering Messiah
c.         Resurrection of Christ after his crucifixion
d.         Restoration of the kingdom

9.         When Pilate asked Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews? He replied
a.         “My kingdom is not of this world’
b.         The kingdom of God suffered violence
c.         “For this cause I was born"
d.         ‘You have said so’.

10.       During the trial of Jesus, He was taken to the praetorium by the soldiers in order to
a.         Continue with their investigations
b.         Stage a mock coronation
c.         Torture him to confess
d.         Detain him until the Jews departed