Test One
1.         Why do you seek the living among the dead? This statement was made by the
a.         Angel of the Lord
b.         Apostles of Jesus Christ
c.         Guards at the tomb
d.         Women who went to the tomb

2.         Who among the disciples did Jesus appear to on his way to Emmaus?
a.         Peter
b.         Barnabas
c.         Cleopas
d.         Simon of Cyrene

3.         “Are you the only visitor to Jerusalem who does not know the things that have happened there these days? This question was asked on the way to
a.         Galilee
b.         Mount Olivet
c.         Emmaus
d.         Bethany

4.         Cleopas and his friends recognized the resurrected Christ by the
a.         Way He broke the bread
b.         Way He spoke to them
c.         References Jesus made to the kingdom of God
d.         References Jesus made to the Old Testament

5.         Which of the following groups, according to Mathew, bribed the guards to tell lies about the resurrection of Jesus?
a.         Sadducees
b.         Sanhedrin.
c.         Scribes
d.         Chief Priest

6.         “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” Jesus said these words after
a.         The resurrection
b.         Calling the twelve apostles.
c.         Healing the Gerasene demoniac.
d.         Sending the seventy disciples.

7.         According to Luke, the resurrection appearance lasted for
a.         20 days
b.         30 days
c.         40 days
d.         50 days 

8.         The greatest proof of the resurrection story of Jesus was the
a.         Report of the guard of the tomb.
b.         Empty tomb
c.         Message of the woman
d.         Revelation by the angels.

9.         The disciples of Jesus believed that he rose from the death because
a.         The sepulcher was empty
b.         He appeared to them
c.         The women told them
d.         There was an earthquake

10.       According to Luke, the risen Christ first appeared to
a.         Andrew and John
b.         Peter and James
c.         Paul and Barnabas
d.         The two men on the way to Emmaus

11.       When the guards reported the incident of the empty tomb, the Jewish authorities asked them to say that
a.         Jesus disciples had stolen the body
b.         The claim of the resurrection was false
c.         Jesus had truly risen and gone to Galilee
d.         Nobody should believe the disciples

12.       “0 foolish men, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken” Was said by Jesus to the
a.         Disciples after He had stilled the storm
b.         The two men traveling to Emmaus
c.         The high Priest and counseling members during his trial
d.         The disciples when He met them in Galilee after the resurrection.