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How to identify and describe common fisheries organisms


The identification and description of some common fishery organisms in the world


Fish and other aquatics organisms are very importance sources of food to the human race in every part of the world. Most water bodies contain fisheries organisms. These organisms play very important roles in the survival and sustainability of the aquatic ecosystem. Apart from providing food, they also serve as a source of income for individuals and groups, in addition, fish organisms service the needs of other players in the ecosystems. This article seeks to explore the features of the various fisheries organisms, how they look like and what they are made of.



Tuna is a large predatory fish found in warm and temperate oceans around the world. It is an important commercial fish known for its high oil content and delicious flavor. It is usually silvery blue in color with dark stripes along the body. Tuna can reach very large dimensions; Some species can weigh over 1,000 pounds! Fast swimmers and powerful predators, tuna use their powerful tails to propel themselves through the water. They feed on small fish and squid, as well as birds and mammals.


Mackerel is another type of fin fish that can be found in temperate as well as topical Seas. Their skin is blue/silver in colour spotting their forked tails and vertical 'tiger-like' stripes running along their backs. It has a slender body. They have large eyes, and a very high sense of smell. They move in large groups called schools, near the surface of the ocean. Mackerel is an important source of food. They are served in many popular dishes.


Tilapia is another fin fish we need to mention. The fish used to be almost exclusive to Africa but over the years, tilapia has found its way to other parts and can now be found in most parts of the world today. Though it is allowed to grow in its own natural habitat, it can also be cultivated on both domestic and commercial bases. It is a very popular source of food and is used in the preparation different types of dishes, mostly grilled, dried or smoked. It is can adapt to different water conditions and can grow very fast. The colour ranges from light gray to silver.


A herring is another type of fin fish. It is small in nature which usually inhabit the Atlantic Ocean and other Seas like the North and Baltic Seas. It is silvery-green in colour. Herring is a common prey for several species of fish, marine mammals, and birds. They are either canned or smoked. They could also be served fresh.



Lobster is classified as crustacean. It is large and inhabits marine waters. It has double asymmetrical claws and a hard, spiny exoskeleton. It is normally reddish-brown. Some have other colours though, like blue, yellow, or green. The body is segmented and long. There are twine antennae and small eyes on the head. There is a long, flexible abdomen. Six pairs of legs and a tail. Lobsters live in live in several oceans where the water is cold, like the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Lobsters are popular delicacies In Ghana and Nigeria, in fact in the whole coastal region of West Africa. Some meals cooked with lobster are, lobster corn chowder, lobster thermidor, bisque, etc.


Another type of crustacean is the shrimp. It is a small and has a slim body. One would see that it has antennae on its head and that their abdomen is curved. Shrimps can grow to different sizes but are typically between 0.2 inches and 10 inches. Shrimps do not have just one colour, they have several of them. They may be red, pink, orange, or white. They normally inhabit in coastal waters but can also be found in estuaries or in coral reefs. They have different choices of food to select from, they could eat plankton but can also eat algae, and feed on small fish too. To serve as food, shrimp may either be boiled or grilled. Some people, on the other hand, like it fried, especially in Ghana and Nigeria.


Prawns are also classified under crustaceans. Typically, they look like big shrimps but they are a type of shellfish. Their colour is pinkish-red and have long and thin body. To cook prawns, the shells are usually still, and even to eat it, the shells are still on. The flavour is very nice and they taste good. Prawns are one of the most dynamic ingredients that are used for the preparation of dishes. Some of the dishes that prawns are used for include prawn stir, prawn salad and prawn taco.


Another type of crustacean is called crab. The exterior of a crab is hard. It has pairs of legs. Most crabs live in water, mostly fresh water or salty water. Some also live on land though. There is a variety of food available to Crabs, such foods include, but are not limited to worms, algae and fungi.



A clam is another mollusc family member. It inhabits the ocean and freshwater. A clam is covered by a hinged shell. It filters water from its surroundings and picks food particles out of it to feed itself. It has a deep-gray colour or a clay beige with a khaki undertone. Clams are preyed by other species. They also serve as food to the human race. They serve as a source of income as their meat, shells, and pearls can be harvested for sale.


Scallop is another mollusc family member. Its habitation is the coastal waters of the temperate regions of the world. It is an organism that has a fan shape. Its shell opens on a hinge and the meat is right inside. When it is fresh, the colour looks creamy but may also be fawn. Its flavour is so nice. Scallop may be fried, boiled or steamed before it is ready for the table. Some of the side dishes that go well with scallops include rice, pasta, potatoes greens, peas and beans. In addition, it is also used in preparing sushi.


Cuttlefish is another from the mollusc family. It has close relationship to the octopus. It lives in all the oceans of the world especially in shallow coastal waters. It has an internal shell that enables it to float. Cuttlefish have two eyes, eight arms, and a finned mantle. They can quickly change colour to suit its environment in order to be invisible to its predators. They feed mainly on small crustaceans. √


Oysters fall under the family of mollusk. They can be found in fresh or salt waters. An oyster has two shells joined by a hinge. The colour of a healthy oyster is creamy and some are gray too. An oyster food is assorted, they filter the water and pick particles as food. Oyster is a valuable source of nutrients to humans. They can also be exploited commercially to generate income for individuals and for nations. They are included in very popular recipes like Oyster Rockefeller, Oysters Kilpatrick etc. In some communities, oysters are delicacies. They are also important and valuable for pearls.   


The identification and description of fisheries organisms is an essential venture. The reason is that it will help to understand such species that are available. With this knowledge, we can help to protect them. If we understand the current stock of fish species, if we know their characteristics, it will help us to make better decisions about their management and conservation. This will subsequently save the world, looking at the rate at which the population of the world is growing, the way some unscrupulous people overfish the oceans and other water bodies, this knowledge can help in developing better ways of conserving our fish stock to save the world from scarcity in the future.


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