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Letter from Team Virtualkollage

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Hi Virtualkollagers, 

At this moment of the world pandemic called coronavirus of covid 19, what is more important than every other thing is the health of our loved ones. Virtualkollage wishes you and your families good health during these trying moments. 

We know you cannot put a hold on your preparation for your examinations or the acquisition of knowledge, in spite of the postponement of examinations by various examining bodies. 

Today’s situation can definitely not be described as normal but we will do our best to ensure that you continue to study if you really want to. We are available for your any questions or requests. Use our contact channels to reach us and we will be of help to you.

Covid-19, Coronavirus
As a global organization, reaching every part of the world and as covid 19 is almost reaching every country in the world, we wish to add our voice to some of the basic steps to take to not catch the covid 19 virus. 
  • ·         Wash your hands frequently with soap under running water for at least 20 seconds.
  • ·         Observe social distancing of about a metre or more.     Even when your hands are not visibly dirty, rub with alcohol-based sanitizer as frequently as possible.
  • ·         Do not touch your hand, nose or eyes until you have thoroughly washed your hands.
  • ·         Cover your mouth when you want to sneeze or cough.

Thanks for continuing to visit even in these unnormal times where everybody on every continent of the world is affected or will be affected one way or the other. 
Thank you.

From Team Virtualkollage

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