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The advantages of Ghana’s foreign policy

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The adoption of various foreign policy strategies by successive governments in Ghana has over the years brought many benefits to the country. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

Border protection
One of the benefits of Ghana’s foreign policy is the protection of her borders. Ghana is bordered on the east, west and north by Francophone countries which were former colonies of France. The adoption of a peaceful relationship with these countries over the years has ensured that there is relative peace at these borders. The protection Ghana enjoys at these borders has kept the borders protected from unscrupulous elements.

Assurance of supplies
Another benefit Ghana enjoys from her foreign policy is that the country is able to meet all the needed import supplies from all her trading partners. Ghana imports goods and services from the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, China and Vietnam to mention but a few. The good relationship Ghana had built with these and other foreign countries has always ensured that Ghana get all the needed supplies from her trading partners.

Capital inflow 
Also, Ghana has benefited from her foreign policy through the inflow of foreign capital investment. Ghana’s membership of international organizations like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the African Development Bank has helped to raise the needed capital for the funding of several projects in the country. Bilateral agreements with countries like China, South Korea have also helped to bring in much needed funds for development projects.

Market for raw materials
Also, Ghana needs to export her raw materials and other services to other countries in order to earn foreign exchange to pay for imports and to service debts. Ghana exports cocoa, coffee, bauxite, crude oil etc. Ghana’s foreign policy has ensured Ghana she constantly gains access to the international market to sell her products.

Manage disasters
Again, Ghana’s foreign policy has helped to manage disasters. Ghana’s northern neighbor, Burkina Faso spills water from its Bagri Dam every year to prevent the dam from bursting. Anytime the spillage takes place, so much flooding and destruction of property is caused downstream in Ghana. However, the good relationship between Ghana and Burkina Faso has ensured that the disaster is better managed. The two countries have developed an early warning system where the authorities in Ghana are informed about the pending spillage of the dam so they can adequately prepare to mitigate the effects of the spillage on the Ghana side of the water’s pathway.

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Ghana's cocoa
International platform
Again Ghana’s foreign policy has given her a huge international platform to express her opinion on global issues and also bring crucial domestic issues to the notice of the comity of nations. Ghana’s presidents over the years have been given the opportunity to address the United Nations Organizations annual General Assembly every year. A forum that is exploited to bring to the attention of the world what Ghana thinks about certain pertinent global issues. A similar platform is offered at the Commonwealth of Nations, Economic Community of West African States and the African Union meetings of Heads of States and Governments.

Avoid armed conflict with neighbours
In 2014, Ghana dragged Cote d’Ivoire to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, the judiciary arm of the United Nations, for claiming that part of the oil and gas-rich Cape Three Points on the shores of the Western Region belongs to them. In other parts of the world or the African continent, this could have resulted in armed conflict. If this step had not been taken, an armed conflict could have resulted and as the two countries are engaged in a silly war, oil stealing syndicates would have exploited the conflict to siphon Ghana’s crude oil at a minimal or no cost at all. Ghana’s foreign policy of settling border disputes in a peaceful and amicable way through, if possible, international judicial structures, helped to prevent the kind of conflict that occurred between Nigeria and Cameroun over the Bakassi peninsular.

The factors that determine Ghana's foreign policy

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