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Six reasons why a game reserve is important to a nation

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A game reserve is a place animals can safely live without being unduly disturbed by poachers, hunters or any other form of intruder. In most cases, a large expanse of land is dedicated for this purpose. Animals are mostly safe in game reserves and even if they are hunted at all, it is done in a controlled manner. Some examples of game reserves include the Kruger National Park, in South Africa, Kalakpa Game Reserve and Tafi Atome Monkey Village in Ghana, Old Oyo and Gashaga Kumti National Parks in Nigeria.

A dedicated place for wildlife conservation
The depletion of the world’s forests means the natural habitat of the world’s animals continues to shrink. Apart from this, the continuous expansion of the limits of the cities of the world and the creation of slums or shanty towns around the fringes of some cities continue to limit the space left for animals to thrive. The existence of game reserves therefore makes it easier for local authorities and individuals to dedicate some space where animals can be conserved.

Protection of vegetation
Overpopulation of cities and the expansion of some, eating into virgin forests threaten the remaining vegetation around many cities. The existence of game reserves, therefore, helps to combat the threat posed to the vegetation. Where restriction into the game reserves is strictly enforced, they can serve as buffer zones to protect the little of the vegetation that is left.

Provision of food and shelter
Game reserves also serve as a source of food and shelter to the animals that live there. Wild fruits of various kinds can be obtained from the reserves. In addition, some roots and tubers are available to be used as food. The animals can serve as a source of food also to each other as they continue to feed in the food chain. It also serves a shelter for the animals so they can live in their own natural habitat. The game reserve also serves as a grazing area for the herbivorous animals that inhabit them.

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Income from tourism
Some game reserves serve as very great tourist destinations. Many countries have received visitors mainly because of the popularity of their national game reserves. Kenya is a well visited country for their game reserves among other reasons. In Ghana, there is a Mole Game Reserve serving as a tourist destination and earning good money for the locals and the country.

The pressure from the dangers posed by poachers to animals in a game reserve, have necessitated the need for their constant protection. For this reason, guards are employed to provide protection to the animals in the game reserves of the world. Aside the guards, tour guides who take the visitors around and give them deep insight into the animals, get employed because of the existence of the game reserve. There are other administrative staffs that are important for the smooth operation of game reserves. They also need to be engaged. So the game reserves are important because they offer employed to the people.

Pleasure of observing the animals
There are people who derive great pleasure in observing the behaviour of the animals in their natural environment. That pleasure alone is enough for people to insist that the game reserves must be preserved and even others created to serve as a source of happiness to people. Many game reserves offer Safari viewing to visitors and this rich experience gladdens the hearts of the visitors.

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