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The disadvantages of feudalism

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Definition of feudalism
A feudal government is a system of government in which the nobles of the society receive land from the monarch in return for military service to the state, then they in turn give their lands to farmers who work the land and give a share of the proceeds back to them, in addition to providing labour and paying homage. In compensation, the peasants, also called vassals, receive military protection from the nobles.

Created a class system
One of the arguments against feudalism is that it brought class divisions among the people. Obviously, feudalism divided the people into the class of the nobles and and of the vassals. Aside the division into nobles and vassals, feudalism also created a class of the rich and the poor. The rich owners of the land continued to be rich while the poor peasants who worked the land continued to be poor.

Deplorable conditions
Also, feudalism made the conditions of the peasant farmers or the vassals very deplorable. This was because they could not hold any lands of their own except what was given to them by the nobles. They also had to work for the nobles and virtually remain their slaves.  

Discouraged formation of states
Another disadvantage of feudalism is that it became increasingly difficult for nations to be formed. This was because the nobles from one region continued to war against nobles from other regions and invasions were common place; therefore there was no way a peaceful nation could be formed under such unstable circumstances.

Absence of peace
Flowing from the above point is the fact that the presence of constant battles between one group of nobles and another created the atmosphere of lack of peace. In addition, the presence of such unstable conditions made it difficult for the development of the society.

Absence of unity in Europe
Another disadvantage of feudalism is that Europe could not be united in the presence of rivalry, suspicion and war. The presence of the feudal system made it difficult for Europe to be united. With the absence of unity, no real sovereign states could be created in Europe.

1. a. Define feudalism
     b. Explain five disadvantages of a feudal system of government.

The features of feudalism
The advantages of feudalism

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