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The disadvantages of demanding high bride price

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Marriage can be described as a union between a man and woman to live together as husband and wife, after they have gone through all the processes or rites that are recognized by the families of both parties. In Ghana, marriage is a bond between two families which sometimes lasts forever.

The bride price
As part of the processes involved in traditional marriage, the groom and his family are expected to pay to the bride’s family a bride wealth. This may consist of a combination of money, drinks, cloths, jewelry etc. For some reasons, the monetary value of the bride price has been on the increase. Parents of the bride now demand so much so that, prospective husbands find it very difficult to provide them and to get properly get married. This has resulted in a lot of negative consequences for individuals, communities and the entire nation.

It discourages people from getting married
The present economic situation in Ghana, where the prices of goods and services just keep rising, the prices of the items needed to be procured before marriage could be contracted, have gone over the roof. It is therefore very difficult for suitors to purchase the items and get married. They are therefore discouraged and may never declare their intention to marry.

Delay in marriage
For some suitors, since it is very difficult for them to buy the items and put money together to get married, they would rather keep postponing the marriage. For those descent girls who believe that they are getting older, this demand for high bride price delays their entry into marriage and adulthood.

Promotes premarital sex
Delay in getting married and having legitimate sex causes a lot of the young men and women to enter into premarital sex. Biologically, adolescence and puberty sets in long before the acceptable age of marriage is reached. The youth may hold their gun for a while and delay sex, but after a certain age, they may not be able to hold on any longer. Where marriage is delayed therefore, they may be lured into having sex before marriage.

Financial pressure
Where the man is able to get all the resources needed to get married, sometimes after the marriage, financial difficulties start to raise their ugly heads. There is pressure on the man to take care of the house because, definitely, that is his duty. This financial pressure can create a lot of disharmony in the marital home.

Could result in domestic abuse
Where the man feels that he has been given a raw deal by the bride’s family based on the cost of marrying the woman, he begins to see her as her investment and starts treating her like one. Therefore, where the husband thinks the woman is “misbehaving” he could start to abuse her emotionally and sometimes even physically.

Some girls do not marry for love
The high bride price and the inability of most men to quickly put their acts together, is pushing some of the girls to get involved in relationships with men who they do not really love. The primary purpose, on the part of these girls, is to get someone to pay the bride price for her to get married quickly. In the end, there is no love in the marital. This is the situation that can lead to infidelity.

1. a. Explain the term marriage.
    b. Highlight five disadvantages of demanding very high bride price in Ghana.

Why it is important to get married
The processes through which marriage is contracted
Why bride price in important in traditional marriage

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