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Measures that can be taken to ensure that marriages are sustained in the Ghanaian society

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Marriage can be described as a union between a man and woman to live together as husband and wife, after they have gone through all the processes or rites that are recognized by the families of both parties. 

In the last few decades, marriages are no longer holding on as they used to do. Marriages are ending as fast as they are being contracted. Available statistics indicate that in 2017, the average rate of divorce was 4000 per year. 

Expects believe that all is not lost. They think that where certain measures are implemented by the couple, it would prevent the breakdown of marriages or make them last much longer than s seen today.


Preparation before marriage
Expects are of the opinion that the couple must be adequately prepared before they venture into marriage. While getting ready, the couple to be has the opportunity to study each other. They must gather enough resources needed to sustain the marriage financially. They must be financially secured; their sources of income must be stable. They must be emotionally, psychologically and physiologically prepared.

No undue interference from families
Family members from both sides of the spouses must be shown their limit from the word go so they know what they are allowed to poke their nose into and what they cannot poke their mouth into, and to what extent they can do that if they must. Much as in Ghana, marriage is between two families, the external family members must not be allowed to interfere unnecessarily in the marriage. This stance can give the marriage a better prospect to last.

There must be effective communication
One of the tools that can help marriages to last is effective communication. When feelings of the spouses are not properly communicated to each other, there can develop pent up feelings that can result in explosives outbursts in the future. Issues must be well put across so as not to hurt the feelings or the ego of the other partner. Once there is effective communication, the chances for success are brighter.

Fulfilling sexual needs
The absence of or inadequacy of sex in the marriage can lead to very dire consequences. Each spouse must ensure that the sexual needs of the other are well attended to. Where, for specific reasons this cannot be met, the couple must handle this in a matured manner. The couple must learn to adjust to the mood of each other in times like this.

Handle infertility in a matured manner
In Ghana, one of the fruits of marriage is children. Where the child is not forthcoming, the couple must handle this in a more matured manner. Not giving to suspicions of each other. They must seek medical attention from competent medical practitioners. Where it becomes apparent that biologically the couple cannot have children together, they must be ready to consider adopting a child. This can save the marriage if it is under any threat of being dissolved.

Seek for proper counseling
Though third parties must be strictly frowned upon, where it becomes necessary to rope in one, the couple must go in for counselors rather. The counselors must be responsible people who can shed more light on the issues at hand than heat. They must consult professional counselors, pastors and Imams of good standing in the society.

Even in the face of seeming difficulties, the couple must be steadfast and stay focused. They must learn to say sorry where they think they have offended one another.

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