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Some major causes of the breakdown of marriages in Ghana

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Divorce can be described as putting an end to the marriage that previously existed between two married people. It is not a divorce if one of the couple just moves out and says he or she is no more interested in the marriage. The marriage ends when, if under traditional marriage, one party sends drinks to the family of the other party, indicating that the marriage should be annulled and it is actually annulled by the appropriate elders of both families. If it was a marriage under the ordinance, only a judge acting under competent jurisdiction can annul the marriage on very tenable grounds. In the last few decades, marriages in Ghana are no longer holding on as they used to do. Marriages are ending as fast as they are being contracted. Available statistics indicate that in 2017, the average rate of divorce was 4000 per year. Several reasons have been identified as being the cause.

Neglect of marital responsibilities
As couples, each partner is expected to perform certain roles in the family which, it is expected, would sustain the marriage. The man, for example, is expected to provide security and protection for the family, provide the resources needed by the family, such as school fees, hospital bills, food and so on. The woman, on the other hand, is expected to care and nurture the children, cook, wash, clean and generally help her husband in his economic activities. The neglect of any or a combination of these roles can lead to a breakdown in the marriage.

Domestic abuse or violence
Where one of the spouses become violent, abuses the other party physically, it can be a reason for the breakdown of the marriage. This domestic abuse may stem from the lack of proper communication between the couple. It may be over disagreements on how to raise or discipline the children or most importantly on expenditure for household keepng.

Denial of sex
At a certain point in the marriage, one of the partners may withhold sex from the other partner. This may be due to a myriad of reasons. Some women do so because they think the husband is not providing the needs of the family as he should. It could also be that she personally wants something from the man but the man is not providing it. Withholding sex from a partner can lead to a breakdown in marriage.

Following from the previous reason, when a partner is denied sex in the marriage, he or she may seek for it outside the marital home. This may start to cause problems in the house. Sometimes however, infidelity is not caused by the denial of sex. One party just becomes unfaithful for one reason or the other. When any of the parties starts seeing someone else, he or she grows cold to the spouse at home. All these can form the grounds for a breakdown in marriage.

Undue interference from third-parties
There are marriages where undue interference in the marital affairs of couples leads to a breakdown in the marriage. The basis for some of these interference includes the demand of a grandchild, where the couple is unable to bear children. It could also be the perception that the wife is exploiting “our brother”. Sometimes, just frequent visits from family members and overstaying their welcome, putting too much financial burden on the couple can cause problems. All these can form a good ground for the breakdown of the marriage.

If unfortunately the man becomes impotent, it could lead to a breakdown of the marriage. An impotent man can never properly satisfy her wife. No matter how steadfast the woman is, her sexual needs must be provided for one way or the other. This can lead to suspicions on the part of the man so much so that even when the wife is faithful, the husband may think that she s getting satisfied by another man. This can lead to a breakdown in the marriage.

1. a. What is divorce?
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