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The achievements of the United Nations Organization

Cologne Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Cologne
The United Nations Organization was established after the Second World War. This was at a meeting of fifty countries in San Francisco, USA in June 1945.

Objectives and Aims of the United Nations
1. To promote world peace.
2. To promote friendly relations among nations.
3. To solve international economic, cultural and humanitarian problems.
4. To ensure respect for human rights throughout the world.

Development and codification of international Law
The United Nations has been able to develop laws governing international engagement. Some of these international laws include those relating to how nations engage at the diplomatic level. There are laws indicating which areas constitute the Sea waters or the air-space of a country. Any violation of such boundaries could lead to dire consequences. The downing of a Russian aircraft by Turkey is a clear example of why such internationally codified must be respected.

The United Nations has contributed, in no small measure, to the achievement of independence of many of its current member states. Most of them were still under colonial rule at the time the United Nations was formed but today, they have all attained independence and become members of the organization.

Forum for Discussion
The United Nations serves as a forum for discussing issues of international importance. The world has faced the scourge of HIV and AIDS and this was brought to the attention of the world through discussions at the U.N. The Ebola problem in West Africa, received similar mention at the U.N. As such issues are discussed at the as such fora, opportunity is created for finding lasting global solutions to them.

Peaceful Transition of Governments
The United Nations has helped member-nations to peacefully transition from one government to another. On countless occasions,  the United Nations has sent its monitoring groups to monitor elections in member states. Sometimes the member states themselves invite the U.N. to monitor their elections with the aim of giving the election an international credibility. Credibility problems are solved once the U.N. election monitoring group declares that the election was generally free and fair.

Maintenance of World Peace
The United Nations has been relatively successful in the maintenance of world peace. The United Nations has dispatched troops to conflict zones all over the world, since it was formed, to quell violence and to maintain peace. In the thick of the Rwandan crisis, which ended with  the death of about 900,000 Rwandans, the United Nations had to step in and send troops there to establish and keep peace. 

Promotion of Human Rights
The United Nations has achieved so much in the promotion of human rights. One cardinal landmark is the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. This declaration has helped immeasurably in the promotion of fundamental human right all over the world.

Control of Global Drug Menace
The United Nations has achieved a lot against the global drugs trade. With its help, there is now a collaboration among member states against illicit drugs, including its manufacture, trafficking, laundering of profits, arrest and prosecution of those involved.

1. Highlight six achievements of the united Nations Organization.
2. Identify six reasons why the United Nations Organization is a useful international organization.

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