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The purpose of writing the book of Luke

The book of Luke is widely acknowledged to have been written by Luke, the physician. Below are some highlights of his purpose for writing the gospel of Luke.

Trace the course of Christianity from Galilee to Rome
One of the reasons why Luke wrote his gospel was to chronicle how the Christian movement started with the work of John the Baptist in the Jordan region, where he proclaimed forgiveness and repentance, to how Christianity was proclaimed in the streets of Rome. In other words, the movement of what Jesus continued after John’s announcement to its declaration in the alleys of Rome.

To explain Christianity
Another reason why he wrote his gospel was to attempt a thorough explanation of the Christian movement. The gentiles may have been finding it difficult to comprehend the new concept and this may have influenced their acceptance or otherwise of the religion. Luke’s purpose was, therefore, to give a documented explanation of the oral rendition that had been in circulation at the time in addition to some written ones that he could lay his hands on.

To give an orderly account
Also, Luke’s aim was to render an orderly account of all that had happened among them as was seen by eyewitnesses and as told by ministers. By this time, the gospel was in circulation both in written and mostly in oral forms. His intention was therefore, to give the stories some concrete order so that “… most excellent Theophilus may know the truth.”

In defense of Christianity
The Christian religion was then new, there were therefore doubts how genuine it was. Apart from that, the terrain in which it was circulating was also difficult. Luke’s aim was to write the account that could clear any doubts about the new religion and reduce the difficulties associated with understanding that was being experienced at the time.

To present Jesus as the Son of God
Luke was also determined to prove to the world that Jesus was the Son of God. It was also to show to everybody that he had come to redeem the world.

Present a universal gospel
Last but not least, Luke wanted to show that Christianity was a world-wide religion, embracing all races and regions of the world.

1. Highlight six reasons why Luke wrote his gospel.

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