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The problems of funding tertiary education - Bitcoin to the Rescue?

INDIVIDUAL DIFFICULTIES OF FUNDING TERTIARY EDUCATION - BITCOIN TO THE RESCUE?                                                       
By Divine Sewornu Dzokoto
When Bernard Turkson received his admission letter in early August, 2016, it was as if he did not know the admission was going to come. Coming from a poor background, putting the money together to pay the admission fee was a problem. Even if he had managed to pay, it would still have been hectic to get to the University of his Dream. By the time this writer had met Bernard, the universities had long since resumed and he was teaching at a private school in the city. With careful guidance and him being a student ready to listen, Bernard is more than ready to enter the university this academic year.

There are other people like Bernard who have faced similar a situation or are going to face one when the academic year resumes again. If you, dear reader, fall into this category and you have read to this stage, then there is a way out. The way out is to enter into cryptocurrency.

It is being bandied about that the bitcoin opportunity has passed folks by and therefore, instead of crying over spilled milk, they must look out for other cryptocurrencies and invest in them, the reason being that those coins would become like bitcoin in the future, very expensive. This may be true but this writer wishes to argue that one can still take advantage of the bitcoin revolution today by trading in all kinds of cryptocurrencies online and enjoy the windfall thereof.

In this article, you would receive instructions on how to gather bitcoins on the internet and convert to cash anywhere in the world. This fund can then be used to fund your tertiary education. This is especially so for workers who want to upgrade to the masters level or even to register for professional courses but find the fees too exorbitant. Profits from trading in cryptocurrencies can make life a little more comfortable for a lot of students all over the world, especially in Africa.

First step
The first step is to create a bitcoin wallet on a cryptocurrency trading platform if you do not have any yet. This writer recommends that you have a bitcoin wallet on a cryptocurrency exchange, in addition to any others that you might have or might want to have, such as desktop wallet and online wallets. I recommend a wallet on yobit.

Open a wallet on yobit
Go to yobit and create an account. Click on “Sign up” and complete the form after that click “sign up”. You would have to confirm a link that would be sent to your email to complete registration. Once you have signed up, login with your registration details and explore the platform. One of the things to do is to copy your bitcoin wallet address on the exchange. The process is the same for every exchange but this writer chose yobit because it is one of the most active altcoin exchanges available.

How to copy your bitcoin wallet address on yobit
Login to your account at yobit and look at the very top. You would see, among other things, “wallets”. Click on “wallets”. Now look for BTC and move the cursor on the line, horizontally till you get to a check box. Click the check box and you will see “deposit” and “withdrawal”. Click “deposit” and your bitcoin address would pop up. Now copy this address. It is the address you will use in receiving bitcoins to your yobit account. This address is peculiar to you. For all the coins that are displayed on the platform, you have it address, all you need to do is copy using the same process as we just used above.

How to fund your wallet
If you want to start trading in altcoins, you need to fund your account on yobit. There are different ways to fund your wallet.

The cheapest is to collect “satoshi” from faucets on the internet. In exchange for a few actions, you are rewarded with little bits of bitcoins called satoshi. First go to world of bitcoin, then to get your bitcoins, and finally to ads for bitcoins, and you will receive rewards in bitcoins every hour, five hours or sometimes after twenty four hours. Payment is made instantly every week, depending on the faucet in question, to the bitcoin address you provided at the time of registration. Once payment is made, you can transfer to your address on yobit and start trading with it. You can use this method if you do not want to spend your own money.

High Yielding Investment Programme (Hyip)
Another method is to use the high yielding investment programme. This is a high risk area and therefore caution is advised when investing large sums of bitcoins. Go to coinfactory and sign up. After that, login and copy your bitcoin address there. All you need to do is click on deposit, then copy your deposit address. You send bitcoins to this address and receive 7% interest every 24 hours. Minimum deposit is 0.00100000 bitcoins or 100k satoshi so make sure they receive exactly 100000 satoshi, making allowance for transaction fees. This may be equivalent to $12 or $13. You can then invest your profits on the yobit exchange.

Buying bitcoins
Another method is to buy from those who sell bitcoins. You do a Google search for sellers. You will find a bitcoin seller in any country in the world. Buy directly and fund your account to start trading. In Ghana, you could go to, which works very in Nigeria too. operates in almost every country. Once you make a payment and send your wallet address, the equivalent bitcoin will be credited to your bitcoin address.

How to trade on an exchange
It is assumed that now you have bitcoins in your wallet at yobit. Now is the time to trade. There are over 780 alternative coins on yobit and you need to decide which ones you want to invest in. To determine which coin is a good buy, look at the volume of trade, if it is about 10million satoshi in the previous 24 hour, it is a good coin to invest in. Apart from that, find out whether the coin had ever appreciated in the previous days or months. Look at the highest price at which it sold previously and buy when the price falls low again. Do not buy a coin when it is very high; wait until the price comes back low a little close to where it rose from.

Buy an alternative coin
To buy any coin, make sure you have sufficient bitcoins in your balance. Look for the particular coin on the left of your screen and click it to be taken to the page. Type the amount you want to buy and click buy. If you do not want to buy at the current price, you could put up a bid at a lower price. Lower the price you want to buy (mindful of the prices tha others have offered) and click “buy”, your bid will be pending till someone buys. If no one buys after sometime, you might have to come back to put it up at a higher price.

To change your bid price, look at the top of the page and click “orders”, scroll down till you see the particular order you want to cancel, then, cancel it. Now go back to the coin and put up a higher price. If there are too many orders, type the coin in the search box to be taken there directly.

How to sell a coin
After you have bought a coin, you need to sell. One way to do that is to closely monitor the exchange so that when the price appreciates, you sell. This is not advisable because you cannot police the exchange 24/7. There are times you login to realize that a coin you have bought has appreciated but has fallen again. You would think to yourself “if I was here earlier, I would have sold them.” To counteract that, you put the coin for sale at a good price, anticipating the price to reach there. You can put it up for sale at 200%, 500%, 1000% or even 3000% or 5000% higher than the price you bought it. Sometimes it could go higher to say, over 9999% but it is better to sell many times as the price fluctuates so sell a little low. As a beginner, you want to grow your portfolio so sell low and buy other coins or even the same coin if the price falls again. (It does fall most of the time, sometimes drastically, so you just replace what you sold).

Convert bitcoin to cash
After you have traded and gotten enough profit, you may want to withdraw part of your gain and convert to cash. At this point, there are lots of places on the internet to sell the bitcoin and receive cash or payment to your bank account. You could also use it to buy items on the internet. You might want to withdraw to your dollar account buy sending a request to “support”. 
In Ghana and Nigeria, comes handy. You ask the support to help you with your bitcoin wallet address. When you get it, go to yobit again and withdraw part of your coins. It will be converted to cash after three confirmations on the bitcoin blockchain.

How to withdraw bitcoins from yobit
Login to your account and look at the top for “wallets”. Click and it takes you to where you can see your bitcoin balance. There is “Deposit” and “Withdrawal”. Click on withdrawal (the minus sign just below “withdrawal), a dialogue box would pop up. By now you already have your bitcoin address at so you paste that bitcoin address into the box provided for that purpose and type the amount you want to withdraw. Add 0.00050000 or 50000satoshi as transaction fees then click withdraw. You will immediately receive a text message from Cofred if you copied the address right, notifying you about the receipt of your coins. After three confirmations you will receive another message notifying you about the equivalent bitcoin in cash. You can also withdraw to your bank account or to another address other than the one on

Withdraw to cash
After your account at cofred has been credited, you might want to withdraw. After your cash has reflected on the cofred platform, you can withdraw to your bank account or to any mobile money wallet such as MTNmobile, TogoCash, Airtel money or Vodacash.

Note: Now you have your cash, this is the opportunity to pay for any programme at the tertiary level once you are qualified and have received admissions. Also note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It needs patience and tact. 

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