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Why Jesus performed miracles

A miracle can be defined as any happening that is contrary to the known laws of nature. For example, if a known blind person suddenly starts to see clearly without undergoing any medical treatment; that can be seen as a miracle. In Christendom, this is seen as an act of God or the power of God at work. In the life and work of Jesus, miracle formed an integral part. There are several reasons why Jesus performed miracles during his earthly ministry.

At one point or the other during his ministry, Jesus performed four different types of miracles. He performed healing miracles, nature miracles, exorcisms and display of power over death.

To display God’s love and mercy
One of the reasons why Jesus performed miracles was to show that God is merciful and loving. That God is concerned about the sufferings of humanity. When Jesus healed the leper, it was to change the condition of the man. Also when he healed the son of the widow of Nain, he was displaying God’s mercy for the woman and humanity at large.

To prove his identity
Another reason why Jesus performed miracles was to show exactly who he was to the world. In the book of Isaiah, it is written that the Messiah would heal the blind, the deaf, the lame, the dumb etc. Jesus wanted to prove that he was the fulfillment of that prophesy by Isaiah, that was one of the reason why he performed miracles.

To arouse faith
Jesus also used miracles as a means of arousing the faith of the people who followed him and those who benefited from his miracles. In the miracle of the stilling of the storm and the healing of the daughter of Jairus, the faith of the beneficiaries were greatly aroused.

Arrival of the Kingdom of god
Another reason why Jesus used miracle in his ministry was to show that the Kingdom of God had arrived and was in the midst of the people. In other words, his presence on earth signified that the kingdom had arrived. In reaction to his miracles of exorcism, the people accused Jesus of using Beelzebub to cast out demons. Jesus replied that if this was so, then it means the kingdom of God had arrived. 

Fight against the kingdom of Satan
Jesus also used the miracles to attack the Kingdom of Satan. Once upon a time, Jesus sent his disciples on a missionary journey. When the disciples returned, they told Jesus how they performed miracles in his name. Jesus also told them how he saw Satan “fall like lightening from heaven.” This indicates that Jesus considered the encounters with Satan as a war.

To fish converts for God
Jesus also performed miracles as a means of winning souls for God and to depopulate the Kingdom of Satan. After healing the Gerasene demoniac, the man expressed the desire to follow Jesus but Jesus declined, he rather told him to go out there and win more souls to the Lord.

1. Highlight six reasons why Jesus used miracles in his ministry.

2. What functions did miracles performed in the ministry of Jesus?

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