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The party of the Sadducees

The party of the Sadducees is one of the religious sects that existed in Israel at the time of Jesus’ ministry. It is said to have originated from Zadok, a man who was a High Priest during the reign of David and Solomon.

The membership of the Sadducee party is restricted to the aristocratic class. The members were people who were well-to-do. They were in control of the economic, social and political sectors of the Jewish society. They were even in control of the Sanhedrin.

Support for Roman rule
The Sadducees were a party that supported the rule of the Romans. This was primarily because the presence of the Romans ensured that they continued to enjoy the fame and positions they wielded. In fact, Sadducees did nothing to offend the Romans for fear that they might lose their prestigious positions.

Opposed any plan to fight Romans
The Sadducess never would support any move to take up arms against Roman domination. Any group that did do such a thing was considered as a threat to the very survival of their party.

Belief in the Torah
The Sadducees believe in the five books ascribed to Moses, that is, the five books of Moses. They believe that the five books of Moses are the only books that can be utilized in religious teachings. Every other part of the Old Testament did not matter to them and they also did not accept the tradition of the elders.

Transmigration of souls
The Sadducees did not believe in the transmigration of souls. They believe that once a person dies, that is all.

Does not believe in fate
The Sadducees do not believe in fate. They never believe that occurrences in life are as a result of the orchestration of certain other entities. They believe that whether a man succeeds in life or fails in life or in any of his or her endevours, it is a matter of the choices he or she makes.

Other beliefs
The Sadducees do not believe that angels exist. Neither do they believe that demons or spirits exist. They do not believe in life after death or even judgment after death. They believe that things happen by chance, nothing is predestined to happen.

Attraction to worldly things
The Sadducees are a group of people who are worldly. They believe in the acquisition of the things of the world. Storing up treasures in heaven, therefore, would not be a doctrine that would appeal to them that much.

Contact with Jesus
On one occasion, the Sadducees asked Jesus a question on resurrection with the view to ridicule the concept of resurrection. They wanted to know who’s wife a woman who had been married by seven brothers (one after the other when the previous one died) would be, after they all died and resurrected. Jesus answered that in the resurrection there is nothing like marriage because all of them have become like angels.

The Sadducees did not forgive Jesus for over-turning their tables in the temple for trading. This was because the members of the party lost their financial investments on that day.

1. a. Trace the origin of the party of the Sadducees.
    b. Highlight any six of their beliefs.

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