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The healing of the lame man at the beautiful gate

There was a man who had been lame from birth and who was daily placed by the gate of the Temple called Beautiful to beg for alms from passersby.

One day, at about the ninth hour, Peter and John were going to the Temple to pray. When the lame man saw them passing into the Temple, he asked them for alms. Peter asked the man to look at him. The man looked at him expecting to receive alms but Peter said “I have no silver and gold, I give you what I have; in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, walk.” Peter took the man by the right hand and the man stood up and walked.

After the man stood up, he jumped about and walked into the Temple, praising God. All the people who knew him as a lame person from birth, recognized him as the lame man who sat by the gate and they were amazed at the miracle that had just happened to him. As the lame man clung to Peter and John, all the people run to them at Solomon’s portico, very much surprised. Peter took the opportunity to address the people.

Peter reminded them of how the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac had glorified Jesus and how they had delivered him up and denied him before Pilate even when he wanted to release him. Instead, they asked for a robber to be released. They killed the author of life (Jesus) but God raised him from the dead. Peter said, it is the faith in that Jesus, whom they crucified that had made the man whole.

Peter acknowledged that they and their rulers did what they did in ignorance. Therefore they should repent so that their sins are forgiven. He referred to what Moses said in the past that God shall raise a Prophet from amongst them and they should listen to everything he tells them. Moses also said anybody who shall not listen to that prophet shall be destroyed.

Finally, Peter reminded them that they are the heirs to the promise God gave to Abraham that through him, the families of the earth shall be blessed.

1. a. Give an account of the healing of the lame man at the gate called Beautiful.
    b. Describe the immediate consequence of the address Peter gave after the miracle. 

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