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The advantages of the non-aligned movement

The Non-Aligned Movement refers to a group of countries who have decided not to openly side with the eastern nor the western bloc when it comes to international geopolitics. In other words, members of this international organization believe that no developing country has any business in assisting any of the super powers in the Cold War. Membership is drawn from the less developed countries of Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Europe.
The Movement started in Belgrade in 1961 with the Presidents of Yugoslavia, India, Egypt and Ghana at the time. Initially, the Movement started with twenty-five members but currently, there are one hundred and twenty member states and fifteen observer nations.

Promotion of world peace
One of the advantages of the Non-Aligned Movement is the contribution it makes to world peace. If the members of this Movement had taken sides in the Cold War between the Eastern and the Western bloc, the war would have been more deepened than it had been. For the kind of positive neutrality that the Movement exhibited, the world has become a more peaceful place to live in.

Prevent division of the world into two
Another advantage of the Movement is the fact by its formation it prevented the world from being divided into two water-tight groups, the eastern and the western bloc. The members of the Non-Aligned Movement chose not to support any side of the divide and that created a third group to water down any hard line position of any of the two blocs.

Settlement of disputes
In addition to the advantages above, the movement has contributed to the settlement of various kinds of disputes. This included disputes of local and international proportion.

Freedom to pursue own agenda
Another advantage is the fact that the members of the Movement have the opportunity to pursue any economic, political, cultural and social goals of their choice. They do not expect any form of interference from any quarters especially from any of the two world powers, the United States of America and Russia.

Promotion of sovereign equality
Also the movement believes that each country is a sovereign and independent state and as such must be accorded that status regardless of the size of that country. In another sense, no other country must use its muzzles to bully any other country just because it does not have the power and the resources to defend itself. In the other words, the countries of the world must be put on an even keel.

Promotion of fairness in world trade
The movement promotes fairness in international trade. It abhors the situation where the major countries of the world buy raw materials cheaply from producer countries only to convert them into finished goods and sell back to the developed world at cut throat prices. It tries to narrow the economic gap between the developed and the developing countries of the world.

1. a. What Non-Aligned Movement? (2 marks)
    b. Highlight six advantages of the non-Aligned Movement. (10 marks) 

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