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The problems of the Fante confederacy

The Fante confederacy is an example of a proto-nationalist movement which was formed in 1868 in Mankesim. It was the first proto-nationalist group to be formed. It was formed by a combination of people from the southern parts of the Gold Coast, their chiefs and the educated elite. Several reasons have been advanced for its formation.

Friendly relationship
One of the aims of the confederacy was to ensure that there is peace and harmony among the kings and chiefs of Fante land so that they can ward off external aggression and also be able to attack states that are a threat to them.

Provision of social amenities
Another aim of the confederacy was to ensure the provision of social amenities such as schools and roads in the confederacy.

Enhance agricultural and industrial activity
Also, the confederacy aimed at the promotion of agricultural and industrial activities that have the capacity to bring wealth to the country.

Development of natural resources
It was also the aim of the Fante Confederacy to promote the development of the natural resources of the state which includes the mineral resources.

Stand up to the British
The Confederacy also aimed at standing up to the British and fighting to be the determinants of their own affairs. It was also to prevent the British from taking over their rights.

Unite against Europeans
Finally, the confederacy was aimed at presenting a combined power against the people of Europe.

Weak army
One of the problems of the Fante confederacy was the fact that their 15000 man strong army was no much for the British, for example, or for the power of the Asantes. In the end, the army was not able to fulfill the mandate for which it was established.

Inadequate funds
Another problem of the Confederacy was that they did not have enough revenue to run the administration that was set up to achieve their aims and objectives, let alone to undertake the development projects they had set for themselves.

Impact of Dutch absence
Another problem was that in 1872, the Dutch finally left the Gold Coast. With it went one of the reasons for the establishment of the Confederacy, which was the treatment suffered by the people of Komenda and Dixcove at the hands of the Dutch. These two people did not see the need to continue to belong to the Confederacy because their problem was no longer there.

Influence of the British
After the departure of the Dutch, the British were able to take absolute control of the Gold Coast and the non-fante members of the Confederacy drifted towards them and neglected the confederacy.

Leadership problems
Another problem of the confederacy was the rivalry among the leaders. It became difficult to elect a substantive leader for the Confederacy for a long time because of rivalry among the leaders of some of the member-states.

Some of the leaders of the confederacy were perceived to be corrupt and were suspected of being involved in corrupt practices. This suspicion, whether real or perceived had eroded the confidence of the people in the workings of the confederacy.

1. a. What were the aims and objectives of the Fante Confederacy.
    b. Highlight five problems of the Confederacy.

2. Highlight six factors that contributed to the failure of the Fante Confederacy.

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