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The features of commercial farming

Commercial farming can be defined as system of farming where crops are grown for sale and or for exports to make profit. For instance, cocoa and coffee farming is a commercial venture because it is cultivated for sale to make gains.

It is a large scale venture
One of the features of commercial farming is that it is a business that is undertaken on a large scale. The acreage that is put under cultivation is very big. While some farmers cultivate thousands of acres, some use a few hundred acres or just a few tens.

It is produced for sale
Under commercial agriculture, the acreage that is put under cultivation is mainly for sale. The thousands of acres of cocoa, rice, maize, millet etc are harvested and sold to marketing companies or to individuals.

It requires a lot of expenditure
Another feature of commercial farming is that it requires a lot of capital investment. The farmer must prepare the land by ploughing and harrowing, he must buy seedlings or seeds and he must apply pesticides and fertilizers. Since this would be done on a large plot of land, it needs a huge capital outlay.

It uses hired labour
The commercial farmer needs a lot of labour to execute his project. He may not have enough family members to rely on like the subsistence farmer. For this reason he has to hire labour from other sources to help in the realization of his dreams.

Highly mechanized
A commercial farmer is very likely to employ modernized methods of farming. The size of the farm alone requires that he uses tractors, harrows, planters and combine harvesters. This way he can clear more acreage to maximize his profits.

Can be farmed all year round
Another feature of commercial farming is that the farmer can irrigate the land in other that he can plant throughout the year. This is so because he does not have to depend on the rains as the subsistence farmers do.

1. Highlight the features of commercial farming.

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