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The disadvantages of State Farms


A state farm can be described as a farm that has been established by a government with all the necessary funding and input provided by the state. The sole aim of which is the production of crops and meat products for consumption and to feed the industries. Under President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, a lot of state farms were established but were abandoned after he was overthrown.

One of the disadvantages of state farms is that its operations can be bureaucratic. This may be due to the fact that they are established and owned by the state and therefore their administrative procedures may not be too dissimilar to that of the civil and public service sectors. It can therefore be caught up in that bureaucratic tendency.

Stifles initiative
Another disadvantage of state farm is that it can stifle the initiative of local managers of the farms. This is because, being controlled and managed from a central point, the local managers would be expected to seek approval for any actions they wish to take, this doe not create the room for innovation.

Mistakes could be costly
One other disadvantage is that the outbreak of any disease in one farm can spread to other farms. The activities of the state farms are centrally planned handed down to the local level for implementations. The introduction of a diseases infested seed or seedling can be costly to handle.

Mishandling and poor maintenance of equipment
There is a problem with the way citizens treat government properties. They believe the property belongs to the state so they do not handle them with the care they deserve. On the other hand, since the maintenance culture is poor, farm and other equipment get damaged quickly.

One other problem with the state farms is that of pilfering on the farms. Some workers steal the produce, steal parts of machinery and sell as scraps. Some also siphon fuel from the tractors and vehicles for sale to the public. This affects the smooth running of the state farms.

Corruption and mismanagement
Last but not least, is the problem of corruption at the management level; some managers embezzle monies meant for the operations of the state farms. Others cover their cronies who are found to be culpable.  In the end, it is the state that suffers.

1. Highlight six problems that state farms face in your country.

2. a. What is a state farm?
    b. Discuss five disadvantages of state farms.

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