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The advantages of commercial farming

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Definition of commercial farming
Commercial farming can be defined as a system of farming where crops are grown for sale and or for exports to make profit. For instance, cocoa and coffee farming is a commercial venture because it is cultivated for sale to make gains.

Encourages improvement in local infrastructure
One of the advantages of commercial farming is that it helps to establish and or improve the infrastructure of the area. Commercial farms that depend on electricity extend electricity to the community. The farmers construct roads to aid the movement of goods and equipment. In developing countries, governments build roads and railways and extend water to places where it does not exist.

Increased production
Another advantage of commercial farming is that in ensures increased production. Commercial farming put comparatively more acreage under cultivation, mechanizes operations, controls pest and diseases, therefore, they produce far more than other farming system. As a result, commercial farmers increase production. Where they are engaged in food production, they help to increase the national stock of food products.

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Lower prices of products
Commercial farmers also help to decrease the cost of agricultural products. This is due to the fact that more crops are produced so the prices of the commodities are lowered responding to the forces of supply and demand.

Lower cost of production
The operations of the commercial farmer are cheaper in the long run. This is because the farmer employs more efficient methods of production such as ploughers, harrowers, planters, and harvesters. The farmer is able to control other variables like water supply through irrigation and is able to farm throughout the year, in some cases. This lowers his cost of production.

Job creation
Commercial farming creates a lot of jobs for people in the catchment area and even beyond where the particular expertise needed is not available in the area. The money that is earned from working on the farm puts food on the table of the people. In other words, commercial farming is able to stimulate the local economy.

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Provides raw material
Another advantage of commercial farming is its ability to provide raw materials to feed local and international industries. The cultivation of pineapples, oranges and mangoes in commercial quantities serves as a raw material for the juice manufacturing industries. The production of cocoa and coffee also serve the confectionery industries.

Foreign exchange earner
Commercial farming is a very high foreign exchange earner for many countries of the world. In West Africa, the production of cocoa, coffee and other non-traditional agricultural export commodities earn the respective countries foreign exchange.

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