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The achievements of the Aborigene's Rights Protection Society

The formation of the Aborigines’ Rights Protection Society in 1897 in Cape Coast by John Mensah Sarbah was initially triggered by the 1897 Land Bill which was to be introduced by Governor William Griffith.

Preservation of the country’s forests
One of the achievements of the Aborigines’ Rights Protection Society was that it helped to preserve the country’s forests. This was achieved through the prevention of the Forest Bills, which intended to create forest reserves, from being passed into law. The creation of the forest reserve would have taken the ownership of the lands used, from the Africans to the British.

Withdrawal of the 1897 Land Bill
Another achievement of the society was that it succeeded in getting the Land Bill of 1897 withdrawn. The society sent a delegation, led by John Mensah Sarbah, with a petition to the then Secretary of State for Colonies, giving reasons why the Lands Bill should not be passed. In the end the Secretary of State accepted their petition and the bill was subsequently withdrawn.

Created unity
Another achievement of the Aborigines’ Rights Protection Society was the fact that it was able to engender peace and harmony between the chiefs and the educated elite.

Education and culture
The society was able to promote education and culture in the colony. Their actions led to the establishment of schools in the area. An example of such school is the Mfantsipim Senior High School.

Mouth piece of the people
Another achievement of the society was that it managed to become the voice of the Gold Coasters. It championed the interests of the people and succeeded in agitating for constitutional reforms in the colony.

Raised political consciousness
The activities of the society also helped to raise the political and national consciousness of the Gold Coasters. The people were now able to stand up to the introduction of any bills or policies that they felt did not inure to their benefit.

1. Highlight six achievements of the Aborigines’ Rights Protection Society.

2. In which six ways did the Aborigines’ Rights Protection Society contribute to the political development of the Gold Coast?

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