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Good parenthood, the example of King Asa of Israel

Father, Son, Walk, Child, Boy, Family

(1 King 15:9-15, 22:41-46)
King Asa became the king of Judah after twenty years of the reign of Jeroboam in the Northern Kingdom. His mother was Maacah and his father was the previous king called Abijam. He reigned in Jerusalem for forty-one years. 

In the years before he came to the throne, Israel had drifted into the practice of Canaanite culture and religion which was opposed to the instructions God had given them not to follow the religion of the nations around them. Asa’s own father was a contributor to this state of affairs.

Abolished cult prostitution
One of the religious reforms of King Asa was that he removed the male cult prostitutes from Judah.

Ending cult sex
King Asa also stopped the practice of cult sex. This was a practice in which it is believed that having sexual intercourse at the shrine enhanced the fertility of the land and increased the stock of their herds of animals.

Removal of idols
King Asa removed all the idols that his father, Abijam, the previous king had made in the kingdom. The Lord God had spoken against such practices and King Asa ensured that they were removed from the land.

Removal of the queen mother
King Asa also removed the Queen Mother from playing her role. This was because she had made an image for Asherah. This was a bold act since the Queen Mother’s position was as a result of being the mother of the king. He also destroyed the image that his mother had made. It was burned at the brook Kidron.

Adorning the house of the Lord
King also, after carrying out the various reforms, brought gold and silver ornaments into the house of the Lord and made it more beautiful than he had met it. He brought his father’s votive gifts and those of his own into the house of the Lord.

He could not destroy the high places
The king carried out all these reforms but he could not destroy the high places. Even then he was still regarded as a man whose heart was with the Lord and had followed the desires of the Lord throughout his reign.

The exploits of Jehoshaphat
Jehoshaphat was the son of King Asa and he began to reign in Jerusalem at the age of thirty-five. He followed the footsteps of his father King Asa. He did not depart to the left or to the right. He did everything that was good in the sight of the Lord. However, he could not remove the high places, therefore people continued to burn incense and make sacrifices there. 

One can therefore conclude that King Asa trained his son very well. He raised him up in his ways so that he could follow his footsteps. Jehoshaphat followed the good examples of his father. A manifestation of the good training he received from his father.

Meet material needs
One of the ways of fulfilling one’s parental obligations is to provide the material needs of the children. They need food, shelter, clothing and any other basic need.

Helping them to avoid sin
Another way of fulfilling parental responsibility is to ensure that parents train their wards to avoid becoming sinful. The wages of sin is death so by helping children to avoid sin, parents are preventing them from dying.

Exhibit love toward the children
It is the responsibility of the parent to show love to his or her children. The show of love is able to satisfy their psychological and emotional needs. This also prevent them from walking into bad company.

Adequate healthcare
A child could be killed by any of the six childhood killer diseases. A child may also die as a result so many factors. Therefore the parent must fulfill his or her need for medical care.

Good values
The parent’s responsibility is to ensure that the child imbibes a lot of good morals from their parents. All the norms and values of the society must taught to the person to ensure that he grows into a responsible adult.

1. a. Recount the reign of King Asa.
    b. What three virtues must a child exhibit to show that he has learned from his parents.
2. a. Examine the reign of King Asa.
    b. How did his son, Jehoshaphat copy him?
3. To what extent would you say that Jehoshaphat’s was reign influenced the reign of his father?

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