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The advantages of the 1954 Lyttleton Constitution of Nigeria

The Lyttleton constitution can be described as the particular one that prepared the grounds for the federal structure of Nigeria and the final leap into independence. This constitution was a culmination of a series of constitutional conferences to review the previous Macpherson constitution.

Distinction of levels of government
One of the merits of the Lyttleton constitution was that it revealed the beginning of the federal elements in the Nigerian political system. For the first time, there were two distinct level of authority. There were regional governments and a federal government with autonomous powers.

Direct election
Another positive aspect of the Lyttleton constitution was that, for the first also, the constitution allowed the electorates to directly elect their representatives to the regional and federal legislatures.

Nigerians as Ministers
The Lyttleton constitution made provision for the appointment of Nigerians as Ministers and who were at the same time responsibility for ministries or departments. This was the first time Nigerians were appointed as ministers with portfolio.

The beginning of independence
It must be mentioned that the Lyttleton served as the basis of the Nigerian independence that was to come after six years.

The federal structure
Another positive side of the Lyttleton constitution was that it had laid the pillars of the federal system of government which was finally adopted by Nigeria when they finally became independent.

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