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The limitations of election

An election is defined as the process by which qualified voters are given the chance to vote for their preferred candidates to occupy leadership positions in the government of the day.

The problem of illiteracy
One of the problems of an election is that where a large chunk of the population is illiterate, there is the problem of understanding the issues and the concepts that form the bases of their campaign messages.

Can be violent
Another limitation of an election is the fact that it can degenerate into violence. This is mainly so in some African countries where ballot boxes could be stolen and party supporters may resort to open fisticuffs.

Problem of finance
It is very expensive to run an election. Printing of party paraphernalia, organization of party rallies and other programmes need to be funded. Paying for advertisements and buy time on radio and television.

Voter fatigue
Another problem with elections is that some voters become tired with the political system and decide that they will not vote again. Some voters come to the realization that even if they vote, it does not earn them anything so they decide to vote.

It can create divisions
The practice of multi-party democracy entails the existence of many parties. At elections, these parties vie for election with each claiming victory in advance. Since most countries practice the winner take all, individual parties try to win the elections by all means. This creates the atmosphere for division.

Can be deceptive
Another problem is that of deception. There are times when the effects of external conditions can cause a government to lose power. Issues like the fall in price of export commodities, and increase in the price of imports. Though these may not be the fault of the government of the day, an opposition can ride on this misfortune to win an election. This does not necessarily mean the ruling government is bad.

1. Highlight six limitations to election. [12 marks]

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