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The features of a mass party

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Type of Membership
One of the features of an elite party is that its membership is opened to everyone from any walk of life. This type of party has as its members, people from across the wealth, education and professions. There are no boundaries to anybody who wants to become a member.

Leadership of mass parties
Another feature of a mass party is that it is led by a popularly elected by the mass of the members. In a mass party, everybody qualifies to lead the party as long as that person is able to demonstrate loyalty to the party and the things it believes in.

Works for the interest of all
Another feature of a mass party is that it serves the interest of the entire population. There is nothing like discrimination against a section of the people. This is unlike the elite party which works in the interest of a few people.

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Mass parties fund their activities from the contributions of the mass of the members. These contributions are voluntary and no member is compelled to do so. They also raise contributions from rallies organized for that purpose.

Vertical administrative structure
The administrative structure of a mass party is hierarchically in nature. Those who are elected at delegate’s conferences are charged with the duty of managing the operations of the party until the next conference.

1. a. What is a mass party? [2 marks]
  b. Highlight five features of a mass party. [10 marks]

The features of an elite party

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