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The reasons for abolishing female genital mutilation

Definition of female genital mutilation
Female genital mutilation refers to the process of cutting or removing specific parts of girl's reproductive organ. A little hole is left through which the girl can urinate. This practice is prevalent in the northern parts of Ghana, among the Kasena, Dagarti, Builsa and the Mossi.

It could lead to death
Female genital mutilation could lead to the death of the girl on whom it is performed. Victims have reported that the experience is very painful. It is reported that crude and non sterilized implements are sometimes used, leading to a possible infection, which if not controlled, could lead to the death of the victim. Sometimes too, they are unable to to stop the blood flow after the incision so the victim could bleed to death. 

Complication in child delivery
The scar that is left after the incision during female genital mutilation makes child birth a herculean one later in life. The scar that is left narrows the genital opening of the woman so she finds it very difficult to deliver smoothly, prompting further incisions by nurses to open up the birth canal. 

Dangerous health consequences
The tools used in the female genital mutilation could be infected, posing a danger. Apart from that the implements may not have been sterilized so the girls could be exposed to infections leading to death.

In every African society, child birth is as important as the marriage itself if not more important. It so happens that, sometimes, female genital mutilation tampers with the girl's organs of reproduction, thereby preventing her from having children of her own.

Loss of sexual sensitivity
The clitoral region of a woman has been proven to be the sit of sexual pleasure. It can be argued, therefore, that if that whole region is taken away, the girl is unable to feel adequate sexual pleasure. The woman's ability to enjoy sex in marriage is denied and so she remains only the source of pleasure for the husband without any reciprocal pleasures of her own.

Violation of child’s rights
Female genital mutilation is a violation of the rights of the woman at the time she has no means of protesting or even understanding what it is and the implications thereof. 

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